Taffy's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to: mrtoods@iw.net

Tuffy: April 25, 2009 Litter

"Vet Day 2012, This is a day when he made me very happy."

5/5/11 "Sorry it took so long had to find camera. What a good looking dog! Well behaved, loves everyone, I have to be careful he does not walk off with a stranger, very playful, good with other dogs. Loves to hunt!! Doug"

"He is doing great, he has gotten so big. He is so smart, Doug and Tuffy have formed such a tight bond. We couldn't be happier, thank you! He has such a beautiful black/brown color. Nancy"

"If I have the right picture, it was at about 10 weeks old. Is that not the picture of focus and determination. He will retrieve anything at this point, he sits, shakes hand and kennels on command. The thing that he really likes to retrieve is the dummy. He will go into the high grass to retrieve and is really getting to use his nose to find things. He has no fear of guns and loves the water. ( We bought him a kiddie pool and he is in it all the time). He is still learning the leash- if we run it is great, but walking he wants to be a sled dog - Thanks, Doug"

Tasha (Lollie): Lucy's August 2, 2010 Litter
Lexi: May 29, 2012 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey, What a gorgeous little doll Lexi is!! However, I tried to capture her beautiful eyes and face, markings and the little Rascal look!! Both her and Tasha have the Rascal look, it is just adorable. (Must be from daddy Scooter!) ;^) Tasha is such a good sister to Lexi. She is teaching her how to play and how not to play with the puppy teeth. They get along SO well!! We couldn’t be happier. Cathy Anderson"

"4/25/12, She is such a polite, well behaved adorable doll! We love her so much we are on a waiting list at PrairieWind for her new sister or brother!!! Cathy"

"7/30/2011 Oh Audrey she is just a doll. Sorry, not the best quality picture, but here she is... almost one year old! She is having so much fun this summer. She had her first swimming lesson in Ely about one month ago. My brother has a 6 month old 55 lb golden retriever whose big tail knocked Tasha off the dock into the lake! She swam like a trooper back to shore! Last weekend we went to Mille Lacs with 30 people and 5 dogs! Tasha loved having four legged friends to play with!! She also jumped off the boat and would swim to Bob, go back to the boat, jump off do it again and again for 2 hours! She was exhausted for two days when we came home.She is so much fun and she's doing great with training. She's the perfect little lady with sitting when it is time to go in or out and at meals. I just cannot tell you much we love her and receive SO many compliments on how gorgeous she is. Everyone loves her markings and color!! I am guessing she around 32 lbs. Long legs and loves her mommy to rub them and stretch them out! Looks like you are down to one pup to sell. Darling last two litters. Looking forward to seeing who is next! Cathy"

"Hi Audrey and Bill, Happy Holidays to you and your family. I hope you have a blessed Holiday season! I am sure it will a busy one! Of course I have to say Happy Holidays to all of your beautiful Springer's as well. Tasha is truly a beautiful and smart dog! (I asked for a camera for Christmas- better pics will be in the future). We have been having a grand old time with Christmas lights, trees, cords etc. with her. She has learned after one "no" not to touch the trees and cords! Bob comments on how smart she is!! Cathy Anderson

"Hi Audrey, I have to tell you, everyone at the Vet's comment on how beautiful she is! They think she should be on a magazine cover! Of course I agree. She is just so adorable! Smart as a whip. Last night, I took her out to go "potty" before bedtime. She came in and sat proud looking for her "treat" ( we are trying to break her of the treat as a reward only because Bailey is gaining too much weight - as she gets a "treat" too). Well, Miss Tasha sat there and would not come inside! Of course she won the "debate"! I hope all is well with you, Bill and your precious Springer family. Tasha is perfect. Bad eye shot, but what a tribute to Lucy and Scooter! She loves the snow and to run. She is so fast! I am so glad we have a fenced in large yard to run and play in. Cathy"

Cooper (Samson): November 15, 2009 Litter

March 2011 "Greetings! It has been a year since we had introduced Sampson into our household. He has been such a joy even with his naughty moments, but what puppy doesn't have those once in a while? We changed his name to Cooper for hunting purposes. He has grown to be a handsome dog. People compliment him all the time because he is such a pretty boy. Cooper has been amazing with our children, has an outstanding temperament and was easy to train. He still loves to snuggle and has quite the personality. The interesting thing about him is how he thinks every dog wants to be his friend. He absolutely loves other dogs. Perhaps someday we may have to get him a buddy. Thanks for raising such great pups! Chris and Annie Kraus"

Mo (Taryn): November 15, 2009 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey,Finally here are some pics of MO at 4 months old. She is doing great and am looking forward to her seeing the ground with no snow. It's been a long winter!!! On a normal day we walk 3 miles in the morning and 3 at nite without a leash on and she seems to have more energy after each walk. She was house trained after 3 weeks and I'm going to start training her for bird hunting starting at the end of this month. She has an excellent temperment and I'm excited to see her in the field. Thanks for all you've done. Mike Murphy & MO- the class of 11-15-09!!!!"

Bailee (Tessa): November 15, 2009 Litter

"Hello, Just to let you know that all is OK. ‘Bailee’, your Tessa is growing like a weed, cute as a button, and awnry as the dickens. The picture is one right after we got home. She is a lot bigger. I will send pictures in a few weeks. Randy and Karen""“3 7 10-Bailee”, has been at home with us for 7 weeks. She is doing very well. She is very pretty and very smart! She was house trained in 4 weeks. She uses a bell on the door to let us know she needs to go outside. She learned to use the bell in one day when she was about 13 weeks old. She is learning to “kennel up” on request. We are starting leash work with her, now that it is nice outside. She walks 2 miles with us. She is doing pretty well on fetching commands also. She weighs 23.5 pounds and measures approximately 14 ½ inches tall. She is growing really fast. She is very loving, very active and sometimes a little awnry. Husker and Bailee are getting along pretty well. She loves to have her picture taken. We are enjoying her!! Randy and Karen"

Max (Freckles): Lacy's September 24, 2004 Litter
Charlie (Tumble): November 15, 2009 Litter

He finished dog obedience school. He retrieves and is whistle trained to come back. He is working with feather dummies for hunting. He will be hunting with Ben in North Dakota this fall. He will be hunting ducks, geese, and grouse this fall. He dives off the dock after fish. He loves everyone,; we love him and so does everyone in the family. Update in March 07:Max is doing fine; he really is a good hunter. We have never had a dog that was such a natural hunter. He did well hunting pheasants and grouse. 11 16 09 Max in North Dakota hunting this fall, He is now 4years old. Bets and Ralph Johnston

Charlie is in Ralph & Bets son~ Rob & Yvonne home~~

"Bill and Audrey, Charlie-your Tumble made the long trip home and is getting used to his new family and surroundings. Our other dog is getting along well with him. He doesn't seem to be afraid of her since she is so used to new dogs in the family. Yvonne is already turning him into a snuggler. Thanks so much for our new puppy. We have already text a photo of him sleeping to all of our nieces and nephews and they think he is so cute. Thanks again for letting us get Charlie, our quiet house is now full of excitement and love. Rob and Yvonne""3 14 10~Charlie is at our house for a week on vacation.Bets and Ralph"

Percy (Tag): April 25, 2009 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey, Percy is doing very well and growing rapidly-:) The training is coming along...my husband will be returning from being out of the country for the month, and I am looking forward to having his help with some of the ongoing training. I did take him to the vet for his 12-week vaccination shot. Best,Leslie""12 30 09 Percy is doing fine thank you, and is really growing stronger. We recently had a significant snow storm here in Northern Virginia, and discovered that Percy adores the snow...and found ways to "spring" in the foot and a half (plus) accumulation, when we took him outside-:) After the last scarry incident, that I emailed you about, he has not had to go back to the Veterinarian for any inflamed colon issues. Although we still have to monitor him closely, and are now purchasing the IAM's Prescription Brand of dog food for canines with intestinal sensitivities. He is a good dog, and a joy to our family and friends!Best,Leslie"

Judah (Sully): November 15, 2009 Litter

"Hi you guys, Our Judah baby is growing by leaps and bounds. He is 14 7/8 tall at the shoulder and 22.5 lbs. That means he has grown 1" and gained 1.7 lbs. since this last Thursday. Smokey is thinking that he might have some St. Bernard in him. HaHa! Smokey adores him and he sleeps cuddled up to Smokey at night. He is finally getting past the puppy fuzz and getting a slick shiny coat. His brown is getting more red. I was pleasantly surprised to see he has hazel eyes. He loves Faith and the feeling is mutual. He mimics her in everything except going potty outside. He has been a lot harder to house break, than I thought he would be. Judah has some of the basics down. He knows come and sit and stay by hand signal. That doesn't necessarily mean he will do it but he knows it. I will keep you posted as we go. Lord Bless,Lin"

Ace (Tune)& Charlie (Trump): April 25, 2009 Litter

"Hi Audrey & Bill, They are doing great. We took them in for their shots and the vet was very impressed. She thought they were beautiful springers. They love to be outside and spend most of the day playing and running in the yard. We still have a little ways to go with house training but they are doing much better. Now if we can get rid of these baby teeth. Boy are they sharp. Oh, but they have learned to sit and we are working on stay. Very intelligent little guys. Lora""12 20 09 Happy Holidays!!! Sorry it took so long to answer but December is always wild around here. As you can see by the pictures the boys are doing very well. A little spoiled but that is OK. Charlie is our clown and Ace is the pretty boy. There favorite past time is sitting by us on the couch. They have so much energy during the day and love running and chasing each other in the yard. They are never very far from each other which is pretty cute. All of our kids and two grandsons will be home for Christmas so we will have a house full. The dogs love all the extra attention they get. We hope you have a great holiday season and once again we thank you for such cute lovable puppies. Lora and Les"

Sully (Truman): April 25, 2009 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey,I have some pictures when Sully and I were in Minneapolis. He was a little over three months. I promise I will send you more. He is a big boy... his last appt on August 10th he was 23.5. I absolutely love him...he is perfect for me! He is the sweetest little puppy ever. He is great with kids...he is getting socialized quite a bit. He loves other dogs. My aunt's Springer bit/chewed on him, but now they are buddies. I start work on Monday, and Sullivan will be going to doggie daycare. I will miss him so much since we have spent so much time together. He truly is my best buddy, and the love of my life. I couldn't be happier. I brought him to work with me everyday last week while setting up my class, and my co-workers adored him, and loved how he followed me around. He cried when I left him with another teacher while going to a meeting. We are attached. He loves walks, fetch, he has been swimming quite a bit, too. He is so so cute...........When I move, I will get Sully a new puppy so keep me in mind. Hope you two are well, and had an enjoyable summer. Did you sell your other pups? Hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely.Carey Flesner and Sully 8 30 09"

Tally: April 25, 2009 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey, Tally is doing great! We just love her! Our 7 year old (Molly) is very patient with her, so that is good. Tally is very smart!! We have been working on housetraining with her, and she hardly has any accidents anymore. The minute she comes in the house after "going" she sits and waits for a treat - she knew after 1 wk where the treats were. The first picture is of course taken at your house, and the second one I took today. I had her at the vet last week and she weighs 16 lbs already! I have attached a couple pictures for you. Thanks, Lori"

Lance (Trek): April 25, 2009 Litter

"Lance is really enjoying his new home. He and Lexi get along great. They spend most of their time in their kennel wrestling with each other. After a while Lexi gets tired of Lance and jumps up onto her Doghouse, which is the only place Lance can't bug her. Lance is learning to sit and fetch right now, he is getting pretty good at obeying and listening to me. When we are outside and I need to go get something inside, he just waits for me at the door. He is a great friend and loves to be around me. -Annie"



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