Sally's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to:

Charlie (Spot): June 17, 2013 Litter

"August 12, 2013 Settling into our new place in Kansas. He is my angel ~ thanks again!!!"

Laney (Sugar): July 5, 2009 Litter

9/9/09"Hi Lundy's, Laney -your "Sugar" is doing great! We love her so much already. I have no idea how it happened but we chose the perfect puppy for us. She is curious, playful and a bundle of energy. Living in Brooklyn is nice but people tend to keep to themselves but we are now the most popular people on the block when we are walking Laney. Everyone loves her!!! I cannot wait until she has her shots so she can be around other dogs, I think that she will love it. We went to see my sister this past week in Charleston and Laney seemed to love the girls (age 2 1/2 and 9 months). They all played together nicely. Laney LOVED the ocean and being at the beach. We are back to work today and we have a dog walker coming over twice while we are away. I will let you know how she does. Thank you so much for Laney, I can't imagine life without her. We are over the moon for her.She is the sweetest, most energetic, crazy little pup ever. Suzane & Patrick"

11/12/09" Here is a new picture of Laney in the leaves. I know Laney would love a playmate and I think that it would be good for her however since we last spoke she has been going to doggie daycare during the day where she plays all day with other dogs and right now, I feel like she is getting the dog interaction that she wants & deserves. We could not be more happy with Laney and next year if Beauty and Captain or perhaps Sally & Scooter have another pup, we will take that one if you are willing. I hope that you understand. Thank you for the news and again, Congratulations! Laney has grown so fast to be only 4 mths!Suzane & Patrick"

12/30/09 "Hi Audrey,I hope that all is well with you and Bill and that you had a wonderful holiday. Patrick, Laney & I had a lovely time here. Laney experienced her first snow which was fun to see. She loves the cold weather!! She likes to be out on the balcony when there is snow out there. She just lies there and is content to stay there. Her favorite things are bully sticks and her frisbee. She has been doing really well with fetching the frisbee and my hope is that she will learn to catch it in air (I think it will come)-- you should see her, she is so proud when she goes to get it and comes back running (that sideways, cute run). I think that she looks just like Sally. We call her Sally Jr. at home. What do you think? She has the best of both Sally(her cute looks) and Scooter(her silly side & sideways run). She is beautiful!! Best,Patrick, Suzane & Laney"

7/4/2010 "Mr. & Mrs. Lundy, I hope all is well there with the two of you and all of your beautiful pups. Patrick, Laney and I are in Maine exploring Acadia National Park. Laney is having the time of her life although she doesn't like fire works at all (I imagine that Sally would die to know this considering she is such a hunter). Anyway, just wanted to write to say Thank you. We are so happy with Laney and wanted to show you her official one year photo. Happy 4th to you and your family. Big Lick from Laney!! Suzane & Patrick"

July 2011 Hi Mrs. Lundy, Patrick takes her swimming at doggie beach every morning so that she can exercise when it isn't so hot. I've never seen a dog who loves the water more than her. We had the baby! Beckett was born in May and he and Laney are like peas and carrots. She is obsessed with him and looks for him first thing when she comes home from puppy daycare. She is always stealing licks from him and trying to get into his co-sleeper. I could not be more pleased that she loves him as much as we do (I was worried while I was pregnant that this would not be the case). Attached are a few pictures. As always, thank you for Laney, life would not be complete without her.

July 2012 "Today is Laney's 3rd birthday! As always, I am extremely grateful for her. Thank you again for Laney-- she is the best Springer ever. Much Thanks!! Suzane, Patrick and Beckett"

3/31/13 "Hi! I've been meaning to write for a while now to update you on Laney. The vet is treating her paws for a staph infection. My groomer said that she has seen much worse... Not sure what to do, she is on another course of antibiotics at the moment and will hopefully get better. She licks like crazy. She loves Easter eggs and she and Beckett were in competition to see who could get the most. Hope you all are well. Happy Easter! Suzane"

Sable: September 10, 2010 Litter

Video of Sable

"8 25 12, Hi Bill and Audrey, Here is a few pictures to you of Sable. She is very happy and thriving with our little girl Skylar. Sable spends her days playing with Skylar, running around at doggie beach in and out of the ocean, or spends time up at our vacation home in Shaver Lake, Ca where she rides out on the pontoon boat and swims all day long. She has been a total joy for our family and thought you might appreciate these pictures! This is a short video of Sable talking. Sometimes we go back and forth with her like that for a long conversation. Sincerely, Cindy Beckett."

Cargo: June 12, 2012 Litter

"Aug 18, Hi Bill & Audrey! Here are a few pictures of Cargo! He is all settled in his new home and is catching on to his tricks very well. He already knows how to sit and shake. Cargo loves to follow Sammy, the yellow lab, around the house and yard. He is so playful and the whole neighborhood is in love with him. I, also, sent a video of Cargo doing a few tricks! Have a great day! Emma"

Coral: June 12, 2012 Litter

"Audrey, Oh she is doing good, she has been eating really good and loves to play. She is going up and down stairs really well now and definitely a mouthy little girl. She likes to chew on toys and your hands, but is very entertaining! Mark"

Reggie (Shane): September 10, 2010 Litter

"12/15/11 Audrey & Bill, It has been one year since we traveled from Wisconsin to Slayton, MN to pick up our new puppy from you!! You may remember him as Shane, but we call him Reginald or "Reggie". He is great. He is a handsome young lad. I have had him to obedience class, he loves the woods and he is a very sociable dog. He is the biggest of our springers. In fact, he will be a daddy come the first week of June. We have bred him with our black and white springer, she is also bench bred and we feel they will be beautiful pups. Our female has black, white & tan in her family tree. Bill and I truly enjoyed our trip over there even though the weather was "nasty" and you were 2 very nice people and gave us some pretty great pointers. I do often go on your web site to check how things are doing, you are still raising some very beautiful pups! You take care and have a very nice holiday season. Val and Bill Brigham"

Spencer: September 10, 2010 Litter
TJ: Taffy's October 15, 2011 Litter

"12 30 2010 Bill & Audrey,I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know Spencer is adjusting very well in his new home. He arrived in great condition as you promised and is the sweetest although at times mischievous dog ever. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and Elizabeth (Spencer is quite the ladies' man). I took him to the vet today just for a checkup so we could enroll him in puppy classes. I am attaching a picture of him for you to see just how well he has been adjusting. Once again thank you. Keith"

Sept 28 11, "Bill & Audrey, This is Spencer,I just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for sending me to New York. My parents are awesome and I have so much fun. As you know I just turned 1yr and have developed a personality second to none. I was the star of my class in the S.T.A.R. puppy program and went on to do basic obedience and even some agility training. During the summer I found myself loving water and just couldn't get in it enough! My dad would take me swimming 2-3 times a week for at least an hour if not more and then play ball with me until I was dry. In August I was entered in the Doggie Olympics and won a Silver Medal in the musical dog sit competition. I was entered in other contests but somehow didn't finish as well. My step brother Lance(Springer) won the silver to in the peanut butter lick off. I was entered in that contest to but didn't like the peanut butter sticking to the roof of my mouth. I play catch in a field where I chase a Frisbee or a ball and pay absolutely no attention to the geese that just sit there? Some bird dog I am! I have been on 2 dog vacations with my parents once to go see my cousin Brock (chocolate lab) who lives in Maryland. I also went to Vermont where I met one of my best girlfriends Leyla (English Setter) and was allowed to play and run the whole day and had the run of the inn during my stay. I have been told by several people I am the tallest springer they have ever seen. I am a good 2 inches or more taller that my girlfriend Lena (Viszla) and although I have not been weighed in a couple months I probably weigh almost 50lbs. I am sending some pictures for you to see just how beautiful I have become. My Dad says that when he finally finds a job he will look into a brother or sister for me from PrairieWind. Well that's all for now I have more playing to do. (Keith)"

"Jan 20 12, Hi Bill & Audrey, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how good TJ is doing. He quickly became Spencer's best friend and the 2 of them are inseparable. He had his second vet appointment today and currently weighs 26lbs. He is definitely a little tank. He is perfectly healthy and happy ! Spencer loves guarding his brother. I did forget to tell you he is quickly growing out of his 2nd collar. They sleep together all the time on our bed!! Keith"

"Oh Audrey you are absolutely right and then some, never a dull moment, and we love it! TJ starts puppy class tomorrow. This pic was just taken. Thank you again for all you have done for us. Kieth"

Jet: Laura's July 27, 2007 Litter
Jack: September 10, 2010 Litter

"Hi Bill & Audrey,Here is Sally's "pup" after getting up a couple of roosters. This photo is Jack of course and my son Matt! He's a very good hunter and a very active hunter! It didn't take him very long to figure out why we were out there. Another one of your great pups !!!!!! I would highly reccomend any of your dogs for either pets or properly trained hunters.Thank You again for a wonderful boy,Chuck and Sandi Like"

"Hi Bill and Audrey, Here are photos of Jet who is now six months old and growing fast. He is really showing his personality --which is a very social boy towards people-[children and adults]. He is retrieving and just loves to play. He sits,stays and is learning to heel. We are neighbors to Tom's Sam(Lacy's04) and Jet and Sam love to play whenever they get together, which is quite often.Jet keeps track of the neighborhood sitting in his favorite chair and looking out of the front window. We will stop over sometime so Jet can visit. By the way-Jet just loves to play in the snow!!See you soon,Chuck& Sandi Like"

"Hi Bill and Audrey, As Jet is now 1 year old, I thought I'd better send you a photo of him. He just loves to retrieve and loves to run and "get the bird". My son thought he should have a protector vest to keep the cockle-burs and stickers out of his coat and when I get it out he heads for the door as soon as he gets it on. Thanks for having us over so Jet could meet his brother Laker --They sure had a good time chasing around. Will visit again soon, Chuck and Sandi Like"

"Hi again Bill & Audrey,Thought I'd send a two year old picture of Jet, since he is now 2 yrs old, resting on the floor with our granddaughter Brooke who happens to be resting on him! He just loves kids and people in general. He is always happy to see company visit. Hope to get over and visit your pup soon. Thanks, Chuck and Sandi Like"

3/21/11 "Hi Bill & Audrey,How are all the pups doing over there? Jack is now 6 months old so we took a few pictures of him. One of him and Jet taking a nap on my lap and couple others just being himself. He is a very happy pup and a lot like his Mom Sally in that he doesn't walk anywhere he always seems to be in a hurry. He is a very playful pup and Jet has accepted him 100%. I haven't had much time to work with him on the retrieving but he came by it naturally.When I ask Jack to drop anything he has retrieved he does very fast and he seems to have a very soft mouth.He is very social with other dogs and people and his tail seems to always be wagging full speed. Thanks for having such great Springer Spaniels!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon!! Chuck & Sandi Like"

12-28-2010 "Hi Audrey & Bill,Thought I'd snap couple of photos of Jet{Jackson & Laura 2007} and Jack [Sally and Jackson 2010] at Christmas 2010. They sure are getting along well together and Jack doesn't run from Jet when they play. He's right there in the middle of things!"

Cloey (Sophia): September 10, 2010 Litter

"Dear Audrey and Bill, Time is just flying by and I cannot believe I have not gotten back to you sooner! Sophia is thriving. She is now known as Cloey and is a smart, active, and loving little puppy who is loved by all. Cloey is growing by leaps and bounds and is at home with her new family. She has a great time with everyone; three boys love her as does Leigh our daughter. My husband is crazy about her and she is tucked in his lap as he has his coffee. He dotes on her and I'm pleased for everyone that she is such a sweet dog. Our dog Ziggy, is a Bernese, and not by any means small. He has been wonderful with the new addition; without any signs of jealousy. He tolerates Cloey nipping and pulling out tufts of his fur; and flips her over easily with his paws. Cloey has a beautiful piece of property for a backyard so she has quite a bit of room. We are using a crate and keep it open, and often Cloey will go in on her own and take a nap. She is a happy, lively puppy and is good for everyone. Still not potty trained completely, but getting there. Teething is strong and we've got all kinds of toys and little bones to help. So far, so good. Cloey is a beauty and as she grows will be a wonderful dog! Will send some photos shortly. Best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Will be in touch. Teresa and Greg"

Lucy (Star): July 5, 2009 Litter

"Here is Lucy. In all of the pictures she looks so sweet and innocent, but let me tell you after about a week the picture of her outside with Dominik was taken. She was caught red handed running full blast trying to pounce on him. I love this picture as I actually caught her ears straight up. She definitely has the most outrageous personality. She has decided that Tony is hers and hers alone. The picture of Tony laying on the couch is a common occurrence, she finds a way to get as close as possible and is always up for snuggling. She also snuggles with our Remy (2yrs old black & white). He often will run upstairs and hide from her to take a nap, if he doesn't she lays right on him.

She definitely is a princess and does not think that chasing birds or dummys is for her when Remy is around, however when he is not around she is all for it. Several times we would be outside throwing the dummy and she would take off, however Remy was faster, so she would stop, sit and wait for him to retrieve. When he would run by her, she would attack him take the dummy and bring it to us. Now I think that is a very smart girl and it made us laugh so hard.

Remy is very patient with her as she drags him around by his collar and yes she really does. She recently has found out a way to take his collar off and then run as fast as she can. Bringing Lucy home was definitely the best thing we ever did for Remy, not that he would admit it somedays.In all seriousness, Lucy was very easy to house train and kennel train, she house train and kennel train, she however has yet to sleep in her kennel and prefers a king size bed snuggled up with Remy.She definitely is a very beautiful girl with a huge personality!Amy" "3 19 10 She is doing really well. She is the boss of the house and always has to be in the middle of any attention. Also, she has firmly established that when it is bedtime, she is at the head of the bed and Remy is at the foot!!She will be starting her gun dog training the first week in April. Remy will be joining her at some point so they can learn to work together. We have had her on some birds and she is figuring it out very quickly. However she does better when Remy isn't there as when he is she is overly concerned as to what he is doing. She is such a girl!! We have taken them to a friend who grooms springers and besides getting groomed they had a wonderful play date with her springers.Lucy definitly loves everyone and Remy plays the big brother and watches over her. If she squeeks the wrong way he has to run over and make sure she is okay.We are very blessed with her!!!Amy"

Mylee (Sunrise): July 5, 2009 Litter

"Sunrise (aka Mylee) is doing phenominal! We are so excited to have her in our lives. She is a lovey girl who seems to be quite brilliant too. She took to crate training so readily. I think the blankets and pheasant helped. We weren't going to have her sleep in it the first night home, but when we put her blankets and pheasant in there she climbed right in and went to sleep until 5am! She has only had one accident since we got her. I've been able to stay home with her up until tomorrow though so it will be interesting to see how she does when we get back to the "grind". She is sooo patient with the kids. Hershey has taken to her better than we thought too. I wouldn't say they are buds yet, but I think they will get there soon. Attached are some pictures of the kids enjoying her at a park on the way home. The most enjoyable 12 hour road trip ever! Thank you so much for everything! 9-2-09"

"9 28 09 We have reached the 12 week mark already! She has grown so much! She is so beautiful and tries really hard to be a good girl! She and Hershey are now good friends, which is very nice. She knows how to sit, lie, stay, and come. We are still working on the house training thing, but that got delayed since she had a pretty bad bladder infection 2 weeks ago. She is smart as a whip! We purchased a 42" enclosure/pin to wrap around her crate so she could have a little room to get out and play, but within 2 weeks she figured out how to escape. So she is just in her crate when we are gone now. Attached are some pictures of her with the kids! Chris, Mindy, Mason, Katelyn, and Logan" 12 20 09 Mylee continues to be a wonderful joy in our lives. Surprisingly, the newness hasn't worn off much!! The kids still fight over who gets to let her out of her crate each day we get home. She is quite bright and is eager to please! She quickly figured out how to let herself in the house by opening the lever doorknobs. We then had to quickly teach her how to shut the doors too! That didn't take long. Hope you have a great Christmas!!!The Tibben's"

Sage: July 5, 2009 Litter

"Bill and Audrey, Little Sage is adorably cute! It is actually fun having a puppy around. Our Golden Retriever is warming up to the busy puppy that wants to chew and play on her. :) Her first night was something that we where prepared for- lots of noise but the second night was soo... much better and last night she did not cry when she was put into the crate. Whimpered when she needed to go out during the night- only once :) The Fast Track guide has really helped! She has already told us she needed to go out by barking near the door we take her out through :) What a smart pup! Thanks for everything! Sage is in good hands! If you are ever in the area PLEASE stop by and see that precious puppy that we know that you have fallen in love with! Sincerely,LeeAnn"

Piper (Spice): July 5, 2009 Litter

"Hi Audrey, She is doing great. Every day she's getting more and more at home. We have changed her name, have finally settled on Piper. She is such a sweet heart, we just love her.Tammy" 9-2-09



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