Lucy's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to:

Champ: February 13, 2011 Litter

"June 27, 2011, I told you I would send some pictures of Champ and he's growing fast! He's a great pup and we get compliments on him all the time. My uncle might also be stopping through to buy a pup from you because he liked Champ so much. We might be back to get him a play mate sometime soon! Thanks again we love him a lot! He's growing up to look like his daddy, thanks for our little bundle of joy! Sincerely Stephanie and Joel"

Maverick (Clancy): February 13, 2011 Litter

"June 2011,He is such a wonderful dog and everyone loves him. He has a great personality and he loves walks in the wildlife refuge!! We can't wait to get another one in the spring! Brandon enjoys taking lots of pictures of him, as you can see he does a good job! Kim and Brandon Barnes"

Tasha (Lollie): August 2, 2010 Litter
Lexi: Taffy's May 29, 2012 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey, What a gorgeous little doll Lexi is!! However, I tried to capture her beautiful eyes and face, markings and the little Rascal look!! Both her and Tasha have the Rascal look, it is just adorable. (Must be from daddy Scooter!) ;^) Tasha is such a good sister to Lexi. She is teaching her how to play and how not to play with the puppy teeth. They get along SO well!! We couldn’t be happier. Cathy Anderson"

"4/25/12, She is such a polite, well behaved adorable doll! We love her so much we are on a waiting list at PrairieWind for her new sister or brother!!! Cathy"

"7/30/2011 Oh Audrey she is just a doll. Sorry, not the best quality picture, but here she is... almost one year old! She is having so much fun this summer. She had her first swimming lesson in Ely about one month ago. My brother has a 6 month old 55 lb golden retriever whose big tail knocked Tasha off the dock into the lake! She swam like a trooper back to shore! Last weekend we went to Mille Lacs with 30 people and 5 dogs! Tasha loved having four legged friends to play with!! She also jumped off the boat and would swim to Bob, go back to the boat, jump off do it again and again for 2 hours! She was exhausted for two days when we came home.She is so much fun and she's doing great with training. She's the perfect little lady with sitting when it is time to go in or out and at meals. I just cannot tell you much we love her and receive SO many compliments on how gorgeous she is. Everyone loves her markings and color!! I am guessing she around 32 lbs. Long legs and loves her mommy to rub them and stretch them out! Looks like you are down to one pup to sell. Darling last two litters. Looking forward to seeing who is next! Cathy"

"Hi Audrey and Bill, Happy Holidays to you and your family. I hope you have a blessed Holiday season! I am sure it will a busy one! Of course I have to say Happy Holidays to all of your beautiful Springer's as well. Tasha is truly a beautiful and smart dog! (I asked for a camera for Christmas- better pics will be in the future). We have been having a grand old time with Christmas lights, trees, cords etc. with her. She has learned after one "no" not to touch the trees and cords! Bob comments on how smart she is!! Cathy Anderson

"Hi Audrey, I have to tell you, everyone at the Vet's comment on how beautiful she is! They think she should be on a magazine cover! Of course I agree. She is just so adorable! Smart as a whip. Last night, I took her out to go "potty" before bedtime. She came in and sat proud looking for her "treat" ( we are trying to break her of the treat as a reward only because Bailey is gaining too much weight - as she gets a "treat" too). Well, Miss Tasha sat there and would not come inside! Of course she won the "debate"! I hope all is well with you, Bill and your precious Springer family. Tasha is perfect. Bad eye shot, but what a tribute to Lucy and Scooter! She loves the snow and to run. She is so fast! I am so glad we have a fenced in large yard to run and play in. Cathy"

Matilda (Sprite): August 2, 2010 Litter

7 30 11 Well little puppy Matilda has grown into one beautiful doggie. We are getting ready to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday. I can hardly believe one year old. But really she not only is beautiful, has a wonderful personality, has to do everything we do, including sitting at the dinner table, she is just a GREAT dog. We absolutely are blessed to have found her and of course you guys. She was groomed last week, her first hair cut, and she looks wonderful. She is just slightly spoiled. Hope all is well out in Minnesota and your not too hot. We have been in the high 90's and it has been just hot, yuck!!Talk soon, Loris & Tilly

"Nov 24th, 2010 Hello my Minnesota pals, hear your having nice cold weather. Well (Sprite) aka Lady Matilda Rose is doing just great. I have attached some photos for you to enjoy. She is not spoiled at all!! She was at the vet's yesterday, weighs 24.6 pounds. She is going in on December 23rd for her spaying along with the new kitten. At least they will have each other, and they will both be doopy together when they arrive home. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so lucky to have found you and your great doggies!!Loris, Ray & Matilda (she is a queen)"

Merry Christmas and a very very Happy New Year. Hope the email finds everyone well. Matilda has started her career. This is just too funny and I had to share it with you. One day I was working in the garage and I heard Matilda howling in the living room. Husband was napping so I thought she thought he had died. Laughed it off, then again the same thing in a couple of days. Finally figured out that this commercial for JG Wentworth just set her off into this singing. So finally I figured out how to record her, hope you enjoy watching, I never laughed so hard. She is the best dog ever -- Talk soon, Loris

Stella (Satin): August 2, 2010 Litter

Nov 27th 2010 - "We are enjoying Stella!!! Happy Thanksgiving!"

Getting a bath at 5 months. We just adore her. Thanks!!! :-)She is so well behaved, bright (easy to train) and quiet. She's been a pure joy!"

Newton (Chad): April 18, 2009 Litter

"Hi Audrey,Bill,Captain & Lucy and Everydog :) Newton's fabulous!! Newton is doing wonderful and completely part of our family, dare I say he's our little prince, soon to be Captain :) He just finished his first class, puppy kindergarten. He graduated, with honors (well at least in our minds). Nate really wants to compete with him in agility. We saw the competitions at the state fair and Nate is convinced Newton would be really good. Newton is doing really well with all his training so far. Living up to his name, he's a really smart dog. He makes us laugh!! It's been fun getting to know his personality. One of his funny quirks, at least we've never seen a dog do this, he lays down around his water or food dish when he eats and drinks, almost holds the dish in his arms and puts his whole face right in. He is so good with the kids! They are good with him to, but as you would expect, not perfectly consistent or diligent. We are amazed at how well his listens, stays close to us and comes when called. He has lost most of his baby teeth so doesn't chew too much anymore. The kids found the teeth and put them under their pillow for the tooth fairy, with a note for Newton. He sleeps in his kennel and doesn't mind being in there while we're gone or sometimes even when we're home he goes in there. We still haven't left him home alone for very long. Mike takes him to work with him now that the kids are back in school. He just sits in his kennel and watches Mike work. Last minute at the end of August we went to Duluth for a long weekend and took Newton with us. He did great! He really enjoyed climbing the rocks and playing in the water. Oh my goodness is he ever a water dog. Just loves the water! We probably shouldn't have had him in the water as much as we did this summer. We cleaned/dried his ears a lot, but still he got an ear infection, so now we clean/dry his ears even more...with the vet's special formula. It's hard to keep him dry when there's water around, he just goes right in, no fear and a great swimmer. He even tries to swim in his water dish, when he's not "holding it". He is very social and loves to play with other dogs. We have two springers in our neighborhood. Those are his favorite to play dogs know they are the same breed...I don't know, he'll play with any dog but goes crazy when either of those two go by!! The kids knew I'd be writing and wanted me to tell you to say "hi" to Captain and Lucy for Newton. Hope all is well with both of you and all the dogs. I bet you're getting ready for hunting season.Cindy, Mike, Jackie and Nate"

Buddy (Checkers): April 18, 2009 Litter

"Hi Audrey, Checkers- now "Buddy", is adjusting to his new home in Iowa. He and our 2 year old male springer "Marble" are getting along...and that helped decrease the crying in the kennel at night. Buddy and Andrey (our son) are already very good friends. Buddy came to the baseball tournament this weekend and he has been named the "team mascot." He is a good puppy and very smart. Thanks for sending the information. Mary"

Colby: April 18, 2009 Litter

"Hey Audrey! Colby is doing great! Such a sweetheart!! I can't believe how fast he is growing, and that we've had him for almost 2 months! Crazy! He just loves to swim, go running with me, play with all the neighbor dogs, and he's still eating carrots haha. He is a very spoiled dog! We just love him to death! Hope you're doing good!! Jennifer Thompto"

Ryder (Champ): April 18, 2009 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey, Things are going great with our new pup RYDER (Champ). We got alot of rain today and he just loved it. Enjoy the pics, Dawn"



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