Laura's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to:

Scout (Dot): June 6, 2011 Litter

June 6, 2013 "Just thought I would send a snap of Scout on her second birthday. She is a little angel. She is well loved by all. Thank you,The Scannell family"

"She's a sweetheart but she gets in to everything. She was spade last month and recouped very well. I love her size right now @35 lbs. She has a very happy disposition. Brenda"

Bella & Beau (Chet): June 6, 2011 Litter

"Hello Bill and Audrey, Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to share the one of the photo cards that we are sending out for Christmas this year. Of course it features the loves of our lives, Beau and Bella. We are so enjoying them! Beau has been neutered and we are waiting for Bella to complete her first heat cycle before having her spayed. She is getting close! Michael has already had them out hunting a couple of times and we have extra pheasants in the freezer. Luckily we can get to the golf course from our townhome so they have a chance to run everyday!! We've noticed that they are much happier that way. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very happy 2012! Michael and Cindy" in June 2011

"Sept 30th Hello Bill and Audrey,I've attached some photos of Bella and Beau. We cannot believe how quickly they are growing; Bella is 16.5 lbs and Beau is 21.5 lbs! They will graduate from Puppy Kindergarten next week and then continue onto the next class - Senior Puppy Kindergarten. We will be on our cruise during the next round of classes, however we have a wonderful "Nanny" who will take them to class. Her name is Kate and she took most of the attached pictures! She visits the puppies almost every day and will stay with them while we are gone. You'll be happy to know Bella and Beau are fully potty trained. Audrey I stuck to the book you sent me and it worked like a charm. We are so thrilled we have both of them. They are best buddies and play together all the time. They are such good pets and everyone adores them. All is well and we are madly in love with our babies. Hope all is well on your end! Best,Cindy and Michael"

Jet: July 27, 2007 Litter
Jack: Sally's September 10, 2010 Litter

"Hi Bill & Audrey,Here is Sally's "pup" after getting up a couple of roosters. This photo is Jack of course and my son Matt! He's a very good hunter and a very active hunter! It didn't take him very long to figure out why we were out there. Another one of your great pups !!!!!! I would highly reccomend any of your dogs for either pets or properly trained hunters.Thank You again for a wonderful boy,Chuck and Sandi Like"

"Hi Bill and Audrey, Here are photos of Jet who is now six months old and growing fast. He is really showing his personality --which is a very social boy towards people-[children and adults]. He is retrieving and just loves to play. He sits,stays and is learning to heel. We are neighbors to Tom's Sam(Lacy's04) and Jet and Sam love to play whenever they get together, which is quite often.Jet keeps track of the neighborhood sitting in his favorite chair and looking out of the front window. We will stop over sometime so Jet can visit. By the way-Jet just loves to play in the snow!!See you soon,Chuck& Sandi Like"

"Hi Bill and Audrey, As Jet is now 1 year old, I thought I'd better send you a photo of him. He just loves to retrieve and loves to run and "get the bird". My son thought he should have a protector vest to keep the cockle-burs and stickers out of his coat and when I get it out he heads for the door as soon as he gets it on. Thanks for having us over so Jet could meet his brother Laker --They sure had a good time chasing around. Will visit again soon, Chuck and Sandi Like"

"Hi again Bill & Audrey,Thought I'd send a two year old picture of Jet, since he is now 2 yrs old, resting on the floor with our granddaughter Brooke who happens to be resting on him! He just loves kids and people in general. He is always happy to see company visit. Hope to get over and visit your pup soon. Thanks, Chuck and Sandi Like"

3/21/11 "Hi Bill & Audrey,How are all the pups doing over there? Jack is now 6 months old so we took a few pictures of him. One of him and Jet taking a nap on my lap and couple others just being himself. He is a very happy pup and a lot like his Mom Sally in that he doesn't walk anywhere he always seems to be in a hurry. He is a very playful pup and Jet has accepted him 100%. I haven't had much time to work with him on the retrieving but he came by it naturally.When I ask Jack to drop anything he has retrieved he does very fast and he seems to have a very soft mouth.He is very social with other dogs and people and his tail seems to always be wagging full speed. Thanks for having such great Springer Spaniels!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon!! Chuck & Sandi Like"

12-28-2010 "Hi Audrey & Bill,Thought I'd snap couple of photos of Jet{Jackson & Laura 2007} and Jack [Sally and Jackson 2010] at Christmas 2010. They sure are getting along well together and Jack doesn't run from Jet when they play. He's right there in the middle of things!"

Nala (Jill): February 23, 2010 Litter

"April 28 ~ Hello Bill & Audrey -Nala is doing great! She has had a few accidents in the house, but that is expected. She has been doing very well with the potty training. Audrey, you mentioned to Jamie one night that Nala was a smart puppy. You weren't kidding. We have already taught her to sit (as you can see in the attached picture). She is adjusting well to the kids and the kids are adjusting well to her. She has really grown in the past week. She is taller and starting to show her true personality. Hope all is well down in Slayton, MN ~ Talk to you soon. Jason & Jamie Mielke"

"Jan 2011,Hi Audrey & Bill-Wanted to send a quick email with pictures of Nala. She has been doing great and our two boys Owen (5 yrs) & Ethan (2 1/2 yrs) abosutely love her. Nala will definitely be a great family companion. This summer and fall, Nala took part in a two week puppy training(intorduction to hunting) and then a four week hunting course at a kennel facilty called Major Avenue Hunt Club & Kennels located by Glencoe, MN. She has turned out to be an exceptional hunting dog. She's flushed and retreived her share of pheasants this fall and I look forward to many more years of pheasant hunting with her. Even though we'd like to make it sound like she does nothing wrong, Nala had a bit of a issue a few weeks ago. She somehow got into our mud room closet while we were at work and decided to chew on four (4) different pair of Jamie's work dress shoes! Oh well, she is still a puppy...11 months middle of January!!! Jamie wasn't too upset because she got to purchase new work dress shoes! HA! HA! Anyhow, it has been fun having her as part of our family and wouldn't want it any other way.Hope you had a great holiday and we'd like to wish you and your family a Happy 2011! Jason, Jamie,Owen & Ethan Mielke and Nala too!"

Kimber (Lacy): July 15, 2008 Litter

"Hi Audrey and Bill, Kimber is great! We really love her. She is so smart and so sweet. Jona and I have a saying for Kimber, "Everybody loves Kimber." Her personality is wonderful, she is happy all the time. Her little butt/tail wags pretty much all the time. We have enrolled her in obedience school and she is in the 3rd level. She enjoys working with us and Jona is going to start training her for hunting this spring. Also Mankato has a amateur baseball team, The Mankato Moondogs, and they have asked her to be a mascot for the team! We are excited about that. She will work about one game a week, leading the team onto the field and then bringing back the first pitch. She is such a good little girl. I have included some pictures of her. The one with the desks is in my classroom at Mankato West. The others are with my niece Natalie and one with Jona. She is about 7 and half months old in the school picture and probably 4 or 5 months in the other two. We have since given her a spring haircut and she looks so cute. I will try and send a recent 9 month picture this week. Thanks again, Lisa"

7/09 "Here is Kimber as a Maskot for the MoonDogs! I also wanted to send some of a morning that we went fishing. It was on this outing that we realized how much Kimber loves to swim. She jumped right in and swam the whole time we fished. Now when we go to the cabin my family has on Lake Koronis she jumps right in and swims around. Then when she is done she goes up the swim ladder! It is the funniest thing! I just thought you might enjoy the pictures. Lisa"

August 2010 "Hi Bill and Audrey,I hadn't written for awhile, so I thought I would send an email updating you on Kimber. We are still really enjoying her. She is an awesome dog, with such a sweet temperment. She has had a fun year. She went pheasant hunting last fall and winter with Jona and got 6 birds, not bad for her first showing!! She also went out to North Dakota duck hunting last October and she will go again this October. She is again being a mascot for the Mankato Moondogs baseball team. We took her with on a week long camping trip to the North shore and Itasca, which she loved. I have included some pictures of the trip. We also entered her in a dock jumping contest. She didn't win, but had a great time and the crowd loved her.I have also included some pictures of that. Thanks again for a great dog!Lisa and Jona Welle"

Jan 2011 "Hi Bill and Audrey,I hope that 2010 was a good year for you both and that you have a good 2011. I just wanted to send a short update on her life. Jona and I both really enjoy having her. She is two and a half years old now, weighing in at 36 pounds 17 inches tall. She may be small in size, but she makes up for it in heart. She continues to live up to the phrase, "Everyone loves Kimber" she is a friendly well behaved springer. Something new for Kimber and us this year was she is now a therapy dog!! Jona and I are both certified with Kimber to do therapy visits. We have been visiting nursing homes and medical facilities and she is wonderful at it. She continues to act as a mascot for the Moondogs, hunt with Jona (some peasants and she brought back her first duck hunting at Devils Lake), and being a good friend. The pictures are of different camping trips we took to Moose Lake state park and the state parks on Lake Superior.Thanks again for a great dog,Lisa Welle"

Bear (Freddie): Fancy's March 19, 2007 Litter
Trinity: February 23, 2010 Litter

"Here is (Freddie)Bear with his family-Birr's of Green Bay WI - It is a pleasure to have a big sweet Bear with such a nice family as the Birr's, we even received a Thank You from Cody; their oldest child. You are Welcome Birr's."

"Hi Bill & Audrey, As for Bear, he is doing great! He is BIG! He & Remington have grown to be such good playmates & are really good for one another. I sent along a picture takien during pheasant season. BJ tried to get them both out as much as he could and I think it worked very good to have Remington there to show him the ropes!! Take care & sending all our love, The Birr's- taken Late Fall of 07"

4/19/10 "Hi Bill & Audrey,I just thought I'd send a few pictures of Trinity and Bear. I can't believe how much she has grown already in just two weeks! She is one smart little girl, that's for sure! She loves it outside and she loves to explore!! She and Bear get along so nice & it's just fun to watch them interact. Bear has even shared his big bone with her already(did you see it in his's bigger than Trinity! Take care & talk soon.Love from all of us! Tricia"

July 2010 "Hi again, We finally made it up north this weekend for the first time this summer. Trinity seemed to like the water. She never jumped in, but had fun playing in it from the shore. I got a few pictures of Bear & Trinity and thought I'd send them along right away! I sure hope all is well with both of you. Much love! The Birr's"

Mack: February 23, 2010 Litter

April 25th, 2010 "Hi Audrey and Bill, Mack has been having a great first week here! He settled right down on the way home, and preferred to be in the back seat between the boys. At home he gets lots of playtime in, and we spend a lot of time outdoors. He loves chasing the leaves and chewing on sticks. We have even learned a few commands - pretty good I think! - like sit, down, and of course come! He does really well on the leash, too. Mack is a very bright puppy! Thank you so much for starting him off on the right foot. It is fun having him as part of the family already! Lori, Kyle, Caleb and Wyatt"

Jan 1st, 2011 "Hi Audrey and Bill,It's been awhile since I sent you an email and wanted to let you know how our Mack is doing. We can't believe he is almost a year old! He has been such a great dog and we love him so much! Mack has had quite the exciting year - trips to Iowa, camping, swimming in the lake, playing in the snow. Mack has made friends with the neighbor dogs, too - a black lab mix named Axel and a puggle (pug/beagle) named Lilly. They make quite the trio when they are all together! It was Axel that taught Mack how to swim in the lake one weekend camping. Mack has become quite good at playing fetch as well. We're thinking we should sign him up for the baseball team - he is an awesome catcher! And it is funny watching him play in the snow. He'll dig, dig, dig until all you can see is his little tail sticking up. Then he'll run inside the house with his head covered in snow. I never know what he's digging for, but whatever it is, it keeps him entertained! Hope you are all doing well. I see you've had the joy of more litters of pups since Mack's litter. That is wonderful! If they are anything like Mack, their owners I'm sure are thrilled. I'm attaching some pictures of Mack "Attack" - what we like to call him - so you can see the beauty he's become. We're always getting compliments on how handsome he is!Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs! We are lucky to have breeders like you around!Lori and Kyle Berends, Caleb, Wyatt, and Mack too!!"

Jarin (Koda): February 23, 2010 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey wanted to send you some updated photos of our baby (6months)...we absolutely love him sooo much what a great little guy he is and such a good boy!!!! and as you can see he's BEAUTIFUL.................Enjoy these, Pat,Tamey and Ireland Roberson Chaska, MN"

June: February 16, 2009 Litter

"Hi Audrey, She is doing great. She's very active. She's got the sweetest disposition. She's beautiful! Everyone who sees her, stops to admire her. They all tell me that she is gorgeous! She is a giant lapdog! She loves when we have guests. She thinks everyone is there to pet her. Thanks, Rachel"

"June is now about a year old. We had these pics taken around Valentine's Day (a little before). As you can see in the pics, that June is growing up to be a beautiful Springer. She is just the sweetest dog, we just love her! Rachel"

Lily (Lilac): July 27, 2007 Litter

"Bill & Audrey, I'm finally getting the time to send you some great pictures of Lily. Hope you find them as enjoyable as we do. She is such a joy for us! How are all of the other puppies doing? I hope all is going well for both of you, take care. She weighs 24 lbs & is minding quite well most of the time & learning more tricks. She is such a joy in our lives. Thanks again for breeding such a great pup. Terri & Perry Erickson"

"Hi Bill & Audrey, Here is a picture of Lexi & Lily; they make quite a pair don't you think? They get along so well & are constantly playing together - it's great for both of them. Take care." Perry & Terri Erickson

"At 10 weeks-Lily is doing quite well in the potty training area. She wakes me up during the nite to go outside & hasn't had an accident inside in a while. She knows her name, comes most of the time when we call her & is learning to sit for a treat. She knows what a treat is, a walk & to go outside. You have to realize that she loves following Lexi around so that helps with the training. We had 40 people over on Saturday & she was soo good natured; she went to all the people, let them hold her & play with her. Our next door neighbor has a beagle that Lexi plays with; so of course Lily has to go over there as well to watch them play; she tries to run with them but Heidi just moves too fast for her yet. Give her another couple of weeks though. Lily is already walking on the weekends with us for 2 miles without getting carried. She doesn't think too much of the tall weeds in the field yet, but that will come with her size. Next week we're driving to AK to see Perry's parents, so that will be an experience for her as well. When we get back we'll be taking her to the vet for her 12 week shots. Lily has really gotten Lexi to come out of her shell again; they play together all the time & Lexi is very patient with her. Perry & I are very pleased with her progress. She still tries to test us to see who is boss, but we are winning that battle; it certainly is a power struggle. She is very intelligent & darn cute as well. I could go on & on...Talk to you soon." Terri Erickson 11 30 09 "Hi Audrey & Bill, Lili is doing very well. She is beautiful-people say she is a model because of her long legs & trim body. She weighs 42 lbs and is in great shape. She has a terrific nose out in the field and loves to roll in goose poop etc, so she gets quite a few showers. She is such a good dog, but does have a lot of energy. Of course she is only 2 & 1/2, so that's good. She loves to play frisbe and go for runs; & can she run. We back up to park land so we take her every day; she loves it. & Lil is certainly a lover and cuddler. I know you'll love the pics! Take care,Terri Erickson"

Bo: July 27, 2007 Litter

Hi Audrey, We could not be more proud of him, here is Bo's 90th Bird!!! He is 1.5 yr old-Winter 08 in South Dakota. Karen

"Hey Bill and Audrey- This one is of him at 6 months. He has learned a lot of new tricks. He comes, sits, stays, shakes, begs, and we are still trying to perfect the heeling. He is doing really well already. He still thinks that he owns the house though. Ryan has really come to love him too! You know that at first he said that I couldn't even have a Springer, well now he and Bo usually sit in the chair together, at night, for a little while. Then after having Bo for a little while Ryan developed the rule that Bo wasn't allowed on the bed. Believe it or not; the other night Ryan thought that Bo should get to sleep on the bed instead of in his kennel because "he looked so peaceful on the bed!!" I was actually the one that got out of bed to put Bo in his kennel!! ;^) Well I hope all is well with you guys and your large family (including dogs!) Can't wait to see Beauty's litter!! Karen Prins 1 28 08"

"11 09 Bill & Audrey- Here is a more recent picture of Bo. It was taken a couple of weeks ago. I took him to the vet a couple weeks ago for his yearly shots and he weighed in at just about 52 pounds!! He is a big boy! He is pure muscle though. We take him for walks all the time and he hunts like crazy. Ryan laughs everytime he takes Bo out hunting and there is another dog present, the other dog ends up wearing Bo's shock collar and Bo goes without one. He also kicks the butts of other dogs when it comes to stamina in the field. Bo doesn't rest the entire day we are hunting. I included another picture of Bo sitting on the top of the couch. Sometimes we wonder if he is part cat because he loves to lay up there and look out the window. Our neighbors love Bo too. They buy treats and keep them in their house for when Bo is outside.I just Love the way he does everything for me! Karen Prins"

Java: July 15, 2008 Litter

"Hi PrairieWind! I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Java. He weights 27 pounds now and is full of life! He is doing great. Loves to play and travel and loves going to work. Java got his first snow experience November 4th and he loves it!! Thank you and yes I look forward to using him as a Search & Rescue dog , if all works out. He is in love with socks. He has to always take our socks out of the laundry basket and then sleeps on them. I always know if one is missing, he has it. I will pass the word around and see if anyone would like a new Springer pup from your new litter in Dec.08 Java is loved through out the Sierra Valley!! Take Care! Michelle"

"Here is a picture of Java ready for Christmas. He is doing wonderful and as you can see spoiled rotten! -now at almost 8 mths- Hello! I wanted to give you some updated pictures of Java. He is doing wonderful! He goes to work with me or Bob and he will start search and rescue training in the spring.Take care, Michelle" 12 2 09 "Java is doing wonderful and he is 53 pounds and is a very large Springer in frame, so he is perfect!! Here is some pictures for you! He is wonderful and fantastic at search and rescue training. He will find any child or adult scent you give him. I wish you a very Safe & Healthy Holiday Season. He brings all of us much joy!!! After some of the fatality investigation I do he makes it ALL right. Right now he is right under my feet and is glued to whatever room I go to, he is there with me. Take Care. Yes, you must be proud!!!! Thank you again for a wonderful addition to our family. Michelle"

Luke: February 16, 2009 Litter

"hi Bill & Audrey, I know it has been a while, but I just wanted you to know how much Luke has brought into my life! He is undoubtedly a great companion. He is mischevious as you would expect. I always know when he has something he shouldn't and he knows it because he runs outside with it as quick as he can. He is comical at best and he always looks to me, before he leaps into my lap, to see if it is okay. I am truly enjoying him and he is doing great! He is now at 47 pounds and pretty strong. He hasn't gotten as tall or big as my other guy but that works even better for me. Hope all is well there and I am sure it is. I did take lots of pictures to send to you just haven't gotten to it yet. My apologies. Two new baby boys in a 3 month span and another new one expected in March. So I have a little break. Luke is enjoying the kids and the dogs when they bring theirs over for a visit. Well you take care and thanks again. Kathy"

Kova: February 16, 2009 Litter

"We had a great time today shopping for Kova. We bought her new home which I have attached a picture of. The kids thought they should make it smell like them so they crawled in." "We can't tell you how much we are in love with Kova. She has been a little spoiled the last couple of weeks and has been finding plenty to get into trouble. We are keeping a pretty close eye on her in the house but in two weeks she has figured out that when she is in the pet taxi and needs to go outside all she has to do is whimper and I am awake to let her out. Last week we were running around the house a couple of times at 2, 4, and 6 in the morning but I have SINCERELY enjoyed every minute of it. I have figure out her phases only last a couple of days. She is going through one the past couple of nights with her sleep. She absolutely hated the leash but after we let her drag it around for a couple of days she started trotting right next to me when we go for a short walk. Now I can hold it and she loves it. She also has "sit" down, next is "stay". Everyone is adapting great and we know that this was a great decision and finally meant to be. Pictures: Trying to warm up during a nap in the towel after her first bath (She LOVES the mud after it rains) @10 wks:" Isn't Kova pretty! She is learning so fast. Sit, Stay, and Come are a piece of cake. I can hold my hand up at stay, walk across the street, with her sitting on the sidewalk and she won't move until I say Come and motion her towards me when I am on the other side. I haven't tested her to see how long she will sit and stay yet. Next is bringing us breakfast in bed!!" Paul and Michiele 10 27 09 "Bill & Audrey,I know that it has been a while...thought I would send you a few pictures. Kova is an abolute treat. She's my third kid at home but put her in the field and she knows her job. The first bird we shot on the pheasant opener, she jumped out twenty yards and brought the rooster right to me and the coolest thing was that the kids were there to see it all!!! She did great at training and money well spent. She has also been out duck hunting with me a few times and likes the water more and more everytime. I don't know if she will ever jump out of the duck boat for me but that would top it all off. I don't know how much better of a dog we could have gotten!! I could go on and on. She has a great nose and it is always to the ground. I compare watching her work in the field like watching my kids walk for the first time. When it gets thick she likes me to lead the way but a little encouragement and she gets right back out there. She loves being in the house with us and she knows her boundaries so it is easy. We love her like our third child and to Haley and Ty she is their sister! It's a lot of fun. Paul"

Jack: February 16, 2009 Litter

"HI!!! He's such a cute boy. He has this howl that is hilarious. He will take a toy and begin to howl (it sounds like he's trying to talk to us)--then he'll back up into us. He loves his back to be scratched. He was house trained very easily. He loves to play. He gets very excited and will still nip as he thinks he is playing. He is doing great for only being 6 months old!! Jack loves to back up and sit on Jennifer then rolls over for tummy rubs. He is so funny!! He hears birds and chases them as they fly over. We live near some ponds so the geese tease him relentlessly! He was quiet the other day and I looked and there he was lying down with bird feathers sticking out of his mouth--I don't know if he caught it or if he found it after hitting a window. He was very proud of himself. He has a couple of pals who live next door. Gunner is a black lab and they run the fence line together. Thanks for such a great dog! Ellen and Jennifer"

Bella: July 15, 2008 Litter

"Oh my goodness, Bella is just growing so fast. She is so precious. She is just about potty trained. And she listens so well. I will send more pictures next week. We gave her her first pig ear today and she literally was so engrossed in it she didn't seem to notice any of us were around for almost 2 hours. She just has the sweetest personality. My brother and I watch scary movies about once a week and she definitly is not a fan. She hides her face, it is very cute!!! Bella is getting very big, and very pretty. And she is still quite the little ball of energy, lol. We enjoy her very much, even all our family that comes to visit just adore her!!! 2-8-09 Here are the updated pics of Bella to show you how big she has gotten, seated with Katie. She needs a haircut, getting very fluffy but it is still very cold here so she wont get a haircut for another month or 2. But we still cannot thank you enough, she is the perfect fit for our family!!! Sara"

Mollie (Molly): July 15, 2008 Litter

"Hi Bill and Audrey- We took some pictures of Mollie today at 3 months old. She is doing great and we are extremely pleased with her! Housebreaking took about a week and kennel training has gone very well. She is very intelligent and affectionate! The only thing now is the mouthing and can&8217;t wait for her baby teeth to fall out! Andy and Candace"

"Hello Audry and Bill! Things in Sioux Falls are good. We LOVE Mollie!! She is soooo smart and beautiful. I will attach new pictures to email so you can see her. She is my best friend -she loves the dog park here in Sioux Falls. It is fun watching her run sideways w/ her tongue hanging out. She is also very needy -we have to be petting her all the time or playing w/ her. It is all fun. She also loves socks----I wonder where she gets that from? She is about 10 months and I'm still not ready for another one... I will be soon. I do think Mollie would love and benefit from another dog, but it is a lot of work just for 1. I do still look at your website about every other day and have seen all the puppies. I do know we would want another female of any color. They are such good dogs and I would for sure come back to you guys!! Talk to you later,Candace"

Dodger (Lane): February 16, 2009 Litter

"Bill & Audrey, Dodger seems to have settled in, and has found a fast friend in our black lab. They hang out, play, and sometimes take naps together. Hard to believe he has grown so much in just two weeks! House and crate training are going well, but with the nice weather we have actually spent a lot of time outside during the day. He is my gardening companion and has taken to sleeping on my open bags of mulch. We are all really enjoying Dodger, and wanted you to know that he even has his own following in our neighbor girls. They stop over just to see him! We will send more pictures soon, Dave and Tia"

Lily: July 27, 2007 Litter

"Hi Audrey & Bill, Lily is doing fine!! She has been a great addition to our family. She still loves to cuddle and sits in my lap all the time. If I tell her no-not to get in my lap (trying to read the paper) she barks at me!! Ha! She is a mommy's girl, she trails after me everywhere. We just had her to the vet for a visit (she loves the girls there) to get her ears check and a shot. She weights 37 pounds, she is a petite little girl and everyone thinks she is beautiful. Ted and I were looking at your web site yesterday, and he is ready for a playmate for Lily!! I am not quite ready!! Hope all is well in Minnesota!! Hopefully we will have spring one of these days, still cold and some snow. Lily and I are ready for our walks again. Ted & Karen Newton 3-25-09"

Dixie (Jersey): July 15, 2008 Litter

"Mr and Mrs Lundy, Happy Holidays. I am writing to give you an update on Dixie. She is doing great. She is near 30 pounds at 5 and a half months old. Her hunting instincts are beginning to kick in around birds and other smaller animals. She's learning tricks and gets plenty of exercise daily. She visits the dog park once a week for about 2 hours along with her daily walks and playtime. She is a very strong and hardy puppy. All her baby teeth are have fallen out. She is beginning to resemble her mother in looks. Everybody I know says she's a beautiful dog. I have enclosed 2 pictures of her taken today. Have a great evening. Pete Simianakis & Dixie"

Jake: July 27, 2007 Litter

"Jake has been a very good boy and is growing wonderfully as you can see! Here is a another picture of Jake at 6mths of age now. He is quite the character! I bought him a pet toy box and he will spin it around until it tips over and then picks out the toys that he wants. He loves to be brushed, if he is playing and you get out the brush he will drop what he is doing and come over to get brushed. I can't wait to see the newest arrivals of Beauty's. One of the families on your waiting list is a lady I work with. 2 4 08 Thanks, Tammy & Tom Prin's"



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