Lady's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to:

Fred (Degan): November 2, 2010 Litter

"12/15/12, Hi Bill and Audrey! Just a few pictures of our DARLING Fred (Degan) he is the best boy around!! Our best Springer yet!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and thank you for allowing us to receive such a perfect pup!! He is so beautiful!!! xo Joni and Mike Amaroli"

"Sept 5 2011, Hi Audrey and Bill,Fred is the most gorgeous big boy now! He had his first hair cut yesterday and is looking so handsome. He is the most adorable boy with the cutest personality!! We just love him!! He and George are the best of friends and I get so many compliments when I walk them everyday on their double leash. When I figure out how to send photos from my phone, I will send some great pics of Fred. xo Joni"

"July 2011, Audrey and Bill, Just wanted you to know how much we love Fred! He has been such a sweet boy and we have had so much fun with him! Here are some pictures of him. He is very large, but as cute as he can be!! He is quite a chewer and has fun tearing up things, like his outdoor bed. Thank you for letting us have him!!xo Joni Amaroli"

"Jan 28, 11,Hi Audrey and Bill,Here are some more pictures of our new baby, Fred. He has fit in so nicely and George and Fred love to share George's bed! He is a lovely pup and we love him so much! Joni Amaroli"

Sota (Lance): October 20, 2011 Litter

Video of Sota

"Aug 2012, Hi Audrey, I thought you might like to see how Sota is keeping cool this summer. He absolutely loves the pool. Sota has started to mellow out over the last few months and is such a wonderful dog. We feel so fortunate to have found PrairieWind and Sota when we were looking for a puppy. Take care!Chris"

5/17/12 "Hi Audrey, Sota is doing great. He is a such a fun and playful dog! He can't stand missing out on things! If the kids are outside, he wants to be out there with them. If I'm getting the mail he wants to come with me. Sota rarely has his little crazy episodes anymore. Also, he started swimming about a month ago! He hadn't shown any interest in the water but our boys were in the pool and he decided to check it out. First, he just put his paws in the water but a minute later he just jumped right in and started swimming. He swam like he had been doing it forever. It was a lot of fun to watch. He's 34 lbs now and everybody says he has big paws so we're expecting him to keep growing. Hope you are doing well. Chris"

Tootsie (Libby): October 20, 2011 Litter

"3/7/12 Chillin with Tootsie who likes to sit behind us now!"

5/17/12 ""Tootsie is sitting on the pool cover!" Jackie.

Odie (Laren): October 20, 2011 Litter

"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Just wanted to write and tell you that Odie (Laren) is doing very well. He is held more than most babies and has only had two accidents in the house. He loves to eat the snow and play with his big sister, who won't be bigger than him for much longer. Beth and Jack"

5/17/12 "Odie is getting big!"



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