Lacy's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to: Our Thanks to the folks on this page for your patronage. We hope to serve all of you again. Some of you, we already have!

Maxie (Jaden): May 11, 2007 Litter

"Bill and Audrey: What a small world it is...First Off I can't thank you both enough for the great dog Jaxon aka General Jackson. He has been a true joy in my life the last 3 months. I was a very avid Lab lover before but Jaxon has crept into my heart big time. He is the most lovable gentle guy anybody could ask for. Tonight Jaxon and I were out on the golf cart for our nightly ride and we were visiting neighbors when 4 girls on a golf cart came by and one of them screamed stop stop and she hollered," is that a English Springer?" and I said, Yep and she wanted to know if she could come and see him...She had just hurt her leg today playing sports at Marshall College but was out to the lake tonight with friends. Long story short she came over to Jaxon and was just loving him up and she told me she had a dog that looked just like him and she missed him so much and that she was from Milwaukee Wisconsin but she had gotten her dog Jaden from Minnesota in 2007. I just listened to her talk to Jaxon and she asked his name and I told her Jaxon and she said her dogs fathers name was General Jackson... OMG... could it be that Kristy from Milwaukee was actually petting her dogs father? Yes indeed it was. I came home to check out your web site and saw that Jaden was from Lacy and Jackson on May 11, 2007. Jaxon for sure has made a new friend in Kristy. We compared notes and her dog and Jaxon have many of the same characteristics. They like to touch you when sleeping and they both have sad eyes and big feet and soft hair. It just made me proud to be the new owner of Jaxon and see how excited our new friend Kristy was to meet her dogs father. "Thanks Again Bill for raising such a super dog. I couldn't be happier and I know Jaxon and I will have many more great years on Lake Shetek. What more could a dog ask for than being the father to so many wonderful pups and then retiring and moving to Lake Shetek to enjoy the good life. Linda and Jaxon."

"He finally got the hang of housebreaking ....Maxie is looking more like Jackson day by day... he really is a good little boy!" - Kipp, Sue & Kristy Leopold

12-07 "Your Jaden - our Max is doing well and he's a keeper. He was neutered about 10 days ago and that all went well. We also started classes about 2 months ago (although we haven't been able to meet the last few weeks because of snow!) and that's going OK. I'm a bit lax in the training only because it's that crazy time of year - He actually looks just like Jackson on your website. I'll ask my daughter to take his picture and send it off to you - I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if he's a Burmese Mountain dog puppy!!! He has tons of energy (not quite like he was as a baby!), is afraid of our Christmas door decorations (crazy!), enjoys the snow, loves to run after anything and everything and easily seems to make friends of the other dogs. Right now he's sleeping in HIS 'house' (we have a large crate for him between the kitchen & living room for when we're not home) but will curl up in our bed, at our feet, shortly. He is a good dog and once I have a bit more free time, I think he'll be a great showman as well! Hope all is well with you and that you enjoy your holidays." Sue

"Our 'Max' is doing well - thinks he's a lap dog even though at the last vet's appt. he weighed in at 65#!!" Thanks, Kipp, Sue & Kristy Leopold

"Thank you for letting us come visit with your beautiful extended family! Here's a current picture of our not so baby Maxy Boy in his summer doo! Thanks again for letting us come by. Leopold's"

Bella (Lilla): June 19, 2006 Litter

"2/7/12, Hi Audry & Bill, I just spent some time reading all the stories about your babies...I love that everyone shares about the pups. Bella is still verbal and I see it runs in the family along with the intelligence..she is top dog around here but has become more playful again with her two year old Cav companion...they are very funny together..and are a bit like (dare I use the terms) Mutt and Jeff! We are of course in Florida for the winter months and hope all is well for you and yours..we do keep track of all at Prairiewind. God Bless, Cheryl and Bob Beattie"

"Hi Audrey and Bill, This is Bella from Scooter and Lacy. She is at her Florida Winter home. Hope that you are both well. She is 5.5 yrs old. Regards,Cheryl and Bob Beattie"

She is everything that I wanted in a dog and more. We even had her on birds last October - a friend who raises pheasants and chukkars also trains Short Hairs. He spent a half hour with Bella and declared her a 'Natural'. It will be interesting when we work with her this Spring to see if she really has the pointing instincts that she exhibited last Fall. Don't care if she does, as long as she is still Birdy.

10/30/09 "We haven't e-mailed for so long! We are all good and hope the same for you! Our wonderful Bella is our source of laughter everyday! We have an extremely smart dog according to our vet. I suppose all your owners understand that your pups understand English and some of yours speak it,but Our Bella discovered that Norwegian is her first language this summer when my relatives visited. Berit(my cousin) and Bella became fast freinds. Now she speaks with a slight accent... all this in fun of course but everyone swears she is a Human in Dog Hair!!! We daily THANK YOU!! Here is Bella's latest picture for her 3rd Birthday,complete with party hat that my granddaughter made her! Have a great winter... Bella winters in Fl with a German shorthair as a neighbor!:p Cheryl& Bob Beattie"

1/4/08 Dear Audrey and Bill, These are pictures that we had taken to celebrate Bella! She is 16 mos. old here (Oct. '07) We still remark on her beauty and intelligence everyday. We should be used to it by now but she continues to find ways to make us and everyone at our office laugh. She has more expression than a human and is very trustworthy in her behavior. She did well hunting this year and we look forward to many years with her. She loves to play, and is a tease with her toys, even though she knows that the "birds" are Bob's. Thanks for your breeding integrity! Note from Bob: If I could have designed the "perfect dog", I couldn't have come close to Bell. She is a great companion, a very good hunter, a "lover", and she "talks" to us when we get home in the evening. There just isn't a better "friend"! Thanks! Best regards, Cheryl and Bob Beattie"

Lily (Lia): June 19, 2006 Litter

Hi Audrey, I wanted her picture to be a good representation of our Lily at just over 1 yr old. I had her in to the vet just this week for her annual checkup and booster shots. She weighs just shy of 36 lbs. We continue to adore her. She has captured each of our hearts and is extremely well loved. Did I ever tell you of her 'nursing bear'? We have a stuffed black bear pillow that she has claimed. She grabs the nose and holds it in her mouth while 'nursing' as a puppy would. She does this when she's very tired or hormonal (before her heat cycle). Mitch is planning to take her pheasant and grouse hunting as long as her heat cycle doesn't interfere. He's been working in the back yard with a bird wing and fishing rod and she LOVES doing that. She's extremely fast and agile. She's definitely the smartest dog we've owned. She has very good problem solving abilities. Lily loves to go with me to take and pick up the kids from school. She has become my traveling buddy. I will probably be in contact with you to learn the ropes of breeding Springers! We'll see what God has planned for us. I check your website periodically just to see the beautiful pups! We have been blessed by you and by Lacy & Scooter! We hope all is well with you and that Bill has a great hunting season! Love,Cindy& Mitch Austin, Waseca MN

"Hi Bill & Audry, I've not written in too long or updated you on Lily's status. We continue to be blessed by the smartest dog we've ever owned! She got to be a mama last year (2010) and we are hoping to get one more litter this winter. Our daughter was able to keep a female from the last litter. Our son will keep a pup from the next litter. We sure had fun raising them and getting to know people who also love the breed. Mitch enjoys training and hunting with both of our springers. We purchased a male black & white springer whom we named Griffin. Although not as smart as Lily, he makes up for it in his character and love of hunting. Hope you are doing well. Looks like you have a busy fall ahead of you! Three litters due. Blessings to you both! Cindy Austin"

Max (Freckles): Lacy's September 24, 2004 Litter
Charlie (Tumble): November 15, 2009 Litter

He finished dog obedience school. He retrieves and is whistle trained to come back. He is working with feather dummies for hunting. He will be hunting with Ben in North Dakota this fall. He will be hunting ducks, geese, and grouse this fall. He dives off the dock after fish. He loves everyone,; we love him and so does everyone in the family. Update in March 07:Max is doing fine; he really is a good hunter. We have never had a dog that was such a natural hunter. He did well hunting pheasants and grouse. 11 16 09 Max in North Dakota hunting this fall, He is now 4years old. Bets and Ralph Johnston

Charlie is in Ralph & Bets son~ Rob & Yvonne home~~

"Bill and Audrey, Charlie-your Tumble made the long trip home and is getting used to his new family and surroundings. Our other dog is getting along well with him. He doesn't seem to be afraid of her since she is so used to new dogs in the family. Yvonne is already turning him into a snuggler. Thanks so much for our new puppy. We have already text a photo of him sleeping to all of our nieces and nephews and they think he is so cute. Thanks again for letting us get Charlie, our quiet house is now full of excitement and love. Rob and Yvonne""3 14 10~Charlie is at our house for a week on vacation.Bets and Ralph"

Lexi: June 19, 2006 Litter

Bojangles: September 24, 2004 Litter
Ms Bo (Bouganvia): August 5, 2005 Litter

From the minute we got Ms Bo she has been a boat dog! She howls up a storm if we ever leave the dock without her, (so of course she goes everywhere). She is 19" tall. She is the best behaved dog we have ever owned. Riding a tube, imagine!! The Pierog's

Lacy: June 19, 2006 Litter

Libby from Lacy's last litter with her protector-Rouge. Laura and Naion-Newberry Springs CA report they have had so.....much fun with her this fall. She is so well behaved, they can't believe it.

"Hi Audrey,I’ve attached some of our latest pictures of Libs. I took the picture of her watching Ethan in his jumping seat this morning. It’s very typical. She hangs out with him when he’s in his seat or sits on my feet (yes, on my feet) when I have Ethan on my lap. 10 22 07 Thanks Again." Laura

"Our family is doing well. The kids are growing like crazy. Ethan is a mini-Naion and little Caitlin is rolling all around getting into her brother’s toys and Libby’s food (yeah, it’s been moved to higher ground). I’ll attach one of my favorite pictures of “my girls” from Christmas time. Libby was taking advantage of being able to sleep on the couch while we were at my brother’s house. She also played in snow for the first time and had a ball! Have fun with those puppies! I’ll let you know when ours arrive. Laura"

Madison (Sweetie): August 5, 2005 Litter

"Madison is such a goof ball. She is beautiful and we LOVE her. She was sweetie to you--and she is to us too. Thank you for letting us add such a wonderful pup to our family. She has a ball chasing a basketball around and around the back yard. We have a fenced in yard and she can't pick up the ball, but she could surely be a soccer dog because she plays for hours back there with that basketball around and around rolling it back and forth. Funny! Take Care and God Bless, Kerrie and Joe Johnson, Babbit MN"

"Greetings Mr. and Mrs. Lundy! How have you been? Madison Blue is just the perfect dog, well behaved, good hunter and a great family pet! She was born on 8-5-05. She is nervous I can tell, this is her first litter. I wondered if I got some calls about her background if I could direct them to your beautiful website so they can see that Maddy comes from a great pedigree. I have enclosed a few cute photos. Maddie is laying on my daughter Amber. Kerrie"

Tobi (Joe): May 11, 2007 Litter

"Hello PrairieWind,  So sorry for the long delay to get back to you. I had just gottin home from pheasant hunting in the Dakotas when your email arrived. Tobi-(Joe) did a very good job!  First he stayed real close to me, then after a couple of days he was out running around doing his thing. I am sure he will be just fine in the field... Tobi is getting along ok, but he has so much energy for my Willy- who is old.  I see that your new puppys arrived so you will be busy again.  Take care,  Mike"

"Hello there, hope all is well. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know Tobi is doing great. We lost Willy back on Dec 12,08, he came down with hemangiosarcoma. I am sure you have heard of it. They say its common in dogs. It went pretty fast. He had a long good life. He was 14yrs and 9 months and didn't suffer, but he is missed much! I will send some pics along of Tobi and I see that you have another litter; they look great! The boys have my attention. Shhh :) Well I hope all is well there. Take care, Mike"

Gabriel: August 5, 2005 Litter

"Hi, I took these pictures of Max- a few weeks ago when we went down to the lake. Max (Gabriel) is the best, couldn’t ask for a better dog!! Everyone loves him. Max is about 75lbs. We bought a doggy dock to get in and out of the pontoon boat as they both love to swim and fetch. Ralph and Pam"

Thought I'd send you some new pictures of Max. He is such a happy dog. He's always frolicking and wagging his tail. And, yes, Max is very smart. He watches everything. If we tell him or show him something once or twice, he gets it. And he behaves well, too, especially taking into consideration he's only ten months old. He really wants to please. He's quite the good little friend. He LOVES to play and we LOVE him, Pam from Peoria, Illinois.

Trapper: September 24, 2004 Litter
Gunner (Leo): June 19, 2006 Litter

Look at my darling boys!! Gunner weighs 55# and Trapper 52#. I think Gunner has 'special powers'. He seemed to know 2 weeks ago that my hand was bruised and sore from an IV gone wrong. He licked and nuzzled it as well as my shoulder that I had just had surgery on. I plan on taking him to visit 99 year old Grandpa at the assisted living home soon. There is something special and different about him. He's definately a momma's boy! He's terrified when Mike gets his guns out, can't get on my lap fast enough. Trapper did great when Mike took him out hunting. They are the best buddies and take care of each other and entertain us endlessly. When you tell Trapper, 'friends on TV', he runs to the tv. He loves to see horses and dogs on tv.Usually he's found watching out the patio door for squirels. They are the smartest, most loyal and silly boys ever! Thank you so much for bringing them into our lives!!! - Lynn and Mike

Darby (Lona): May 11, 2007 Litter

"She has mastered sit and we are working on shake. She likes to play fetch and she is learning to drop the ball for us. We think she is just a great little dog. She has a wonderful personality and everyone enjoys her. She has adapted to our family well and fits right in already." - Kim Horn, El Dorado Hills CA

"Darby (Lona) is getting bigger. She is such a character! She really loves to play fetch and abuse her little toys. The shark is her favorite. She has a "toy box" and she will dig out the shark even if he is on the bottom of the pile. We just need to teach her to put her toys away, like the kids do! Take care, Kim" 2 08 Just a quick note to say Hi! Darby is growing up fast. We have had lots of snow this winter and she loves it!! She springs right through! Here are some backyard shots. She has such beautiful markings and has turned out to be just the sweetest thing. Hope all is well with you and all your doggies. -Kim

Jake: May 11, 2007 Litter

"Hi Audrey, He's doing very well. He's already bigger than our two females. We've just bought a dozen pheasants for his training. He really enjoys standing outside their cage and taunting them. He's still a big baby, because my mom works at home, he doesn't get left at home by himself, and he really likes that. Well, hope all is well. Thanks Again for Jake, Chrissy"

Charlie Brown (Landon): June 19, 2006 Litter

Hi Bill and Audrey,Our boy is doing so well and we can't imagine how we lived without him. He is quite the bird hunter and such a fast runner. He is the best running buddy- we run 3 miles at the beach about 4 times a week. We have a local dog park and he loves going. He is quite social and makes friends with the other dogs. We have a big tree in the backyard that the birds love to sit in and Charlie is determined to get one. He still sleeps in his crate in our bedroom but loves to snuggle. I can't thank you enough for giving him to us. The pictures really do not do him justice- He is so adorable in person! Would love to see all his siblings ... Dave & Shannon Brown Huntington Beach CA

Sam: August 5, 2005 Litter

Sam is owned by our neighbor-Tom Pryor. If you know Tom - you know SAM. Everyone in Slayton knows & loves Sam! Sam is a walking - talking advertisement for PrairieWind Springers! Thanks Tom!

Murphy (Jack): May 11, 2007 Litter

"Here are some recent pictures of Murphy. He is growing very fast!!! He is verysweet and smart but likes to chew. On Aug 2nd - almost 3 months old - he went to the vet and his weight was 16.2 lbs and growing. Thank you for the beautiful pup." - Al, Amanda and Samantha Truskoski

Isis: September 24, 2004 Litter

"Well it has been almost 3 years and seems like 1. But just thought I would send you a picture of ISIS, and again and always, thank you very much for such a wonderful companion. And, oh what a wonderful hunter, from doves to quail to pheasants, the best! Everyone wants to hunt beside me and the queen. Thanks, ED IORG"

Tango: August 5, 2005 Litter

Tango has one of the best personalities that I have ever seen in a dog. She is so smart and sweet. She knows how to get anything she wants with that cute little wiggle and pleasing way about her. You should see how high she can jump. I will throw a ball in the snow and she will take a huge leap into the snow with her nose covered to find it. She don't come back without it either. We love her very much!! She is also great with our grandson.

The register is her favorite place to lay. She runs in the house and goes straight to the register it's funny because it blows her ears around and then she bats them with her paws. She is so much fun to have around and so very well mannered.

Tango get's prettier and prettier everyday. She is smart as a whip. She will get a toy out of her toy box play with it for awhile then she puts it back in the toy box and gets another one out. I wish I could train my husband and kids to do that (lol).

~Owners in Utah from O5 Litter

Tango just taken in Dec. '06 - Roxy reports that she wants to eat every time they eat, so they set her dish up there so she can eat at the same time they do.

Max: September 24, 2004 Litter

“Hello Bill And Audrey, Max is 5 yrs old and doing Great! He is a big beautiful boy! This year he will be hunting with Greg in South Dakota alone without Katie who is now 10 yrs and has arthritis. 2yrs ago Max was hit by a truck in front of our home, he had developed a dislike for our neighbor’s truck; he only drove about 10mphs. Max tore across the yard after him and the guy saw him coming and stopped, but Max did not and slid underneath his truck. It tore the left side of his face open exposing his eye socket and his teeth and jaw. We rushed him to the vet while trying to get the bleeding under control so he would not go into shock. He was in the hospital for two days and they weren't sure he would be able to chew food or see. The facial nerves were all severed. But he did well as he was young and healthy. He was home in 2 days living like a king!!! His vision came back except his peripheral vision but he has adapted. We are just happy to have him! Our dog family is growing so is our human family, with 8 Grandchildren now 6 boys 2 girls. Our oldest Grandson is in the Army now in the MPS. Can’t believe that little boy that we raised since he was 3 is all grown up and serving our country! We are so proud of him!! Hope this finds you well and write about yourselves ok? Mary Wade 10 8 09”



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