Fancy's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to:

Jackson: April 30, 2010 Litter

"Jackson asked me to send you an update on the state of his captivity. Momma Audrey and Papa Bill, I wanted you to know that the dog-nappers that took me from you are treating me well. Although I had some initial misgivings about them, I've decided that they might be alright... They feed me well, maybe too well according to Dr. Gary, but what does he know? I'm a hungry, growing boy! I am 40 lbs and full of the Devil. I have lots and lots of human friends. Auntie Deb, Uncle Lee and Auntie Louise are my favorites. Since leaving the warm, safe confines of my ancestral home, I've been taken on a 1-hour joy ride across the Minnesota and South Dakota countryside, dodging thunderstorms, hail, lightning, and tornadoes, had 2 airplane flights, met your niece in the Denver airport, taken camping in near Mendocino, CA, saw the ocean, been fishing, and I have made myself at home here with my captors. I'm showing them that I have a will of my own by sleeping on the sofa whenever I feel like it. I am very talkative, but they are not very smart as they seem to struggle to understand what I'm telling them. I think that they must really, really love me, because ever since Dave went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago I get to sleep in their bed every night. To tell the truth, I really like them too. They keep referring to it as Stockholm syndrome, and they say I am spoiled, whatever that is... I hope you visit sometime. Bye for now, Jackson, Enjoy the pictures too! Dave & Traci"

"Hi Audrey, I am out of the hospital. Unfortunately, I had heart attack on 10/21. I have 5 stents in the arteries of my heart now. I came home on the 26th. I am feeling really good and making all of the expected lifestyle changes. I think Jackson is going to be a BIG boy. Since he's already 40 lbs, I won't be surprised if he gets to be a 55 lbs boy. Dave"

Lexie (Febie): March 25, 2012 Litter

6/21/12 "Hi Audrey and Bill, I wanted to give you an update on little Lexie (Febie) from Fancy's last litter. She will be 13 weeks this coming Sunday and is doing great! She learned to sit, shake, "high five", and lay down within the first few days of coming home. Potty training was set back, because she developed a bladder infection at 10 weeks old. That has cleared up, but we did have quite a scare at her 12 week shots. As she was waiting in the lobby after receiving her shots, she collapsed and was put on oxygen and fluids. She had an allergic reaction and was out of it for about a day but was quickly back to herself running around the yard. Lexie has met a number of other pups and is great with meeting new people!! She weighed in at 8lbs at her 12 week appointment, but has had quite an appetite since then! She gets to play with Daniel's Marty (Sawyer) on Wednesdays while Daniel and I play volleyball. They have a blast with each other!! Marty weighed in at 12lbs at his 12 week appointment. They both are doing great!! She is such a sweetie!! Thank you for everything! I hope all is well!! I will send another update soon!! Kaleigh"

Josey (Fable): March 25, 2012 Litter

5/22/12 "We are back home. Josey rode in Logan's lap all the way home. She whined a little as we started out of Nashville. I exited off the interstate & sure enough she needed to potty. Logan says she is a really smart girl. Her crate was clean when we picked her up too. I will certainly keep in touch. Thanks again, Casey"

5/23/12 "Just wanted to share this photo with you. Josey has made her self right at home. She slept with Logan last night. It appears she is going to be a house dog but our Yorkie thinks different. We just love her. She is precious!! Casey"

6/18/12 "Josey is doing great! She is full of personality & super smart. As you can see this is her favorite place to drink when visiting her grandparents house. She actually ended up in the fountain for a little dip. Josey has yet to realize she is a dog! Hope you & yours are well. Casey"

Wally (Colt): April 30, 2010 Litter

"He was all tuckered out from his big day! He found a nice place to lay under our coffee table. He likes it outside in the shade and he figured out the steps to the house pretty quickly.

Aug 2010- Hello Audrey and Bill, Well summer is flying by and we are having a wonderful time with Wally. He is a very smart dog! He is doing really well with the house training- just a few accidents here and there. He knows sit, shake, lay down and roll over! He is starting to enjoy his walks now, but we have to go early morning and later in the evening because of this hot summer we are having. He definitely loves the air conditioned house and will lay right on the vent to cool off. He has made several dog friends in the neighborhood and everyone just loves him. He has been a big hit at our son's baseball games. At the end of July we took him to the cabin and he had lots of new adventures. He went "fishing" trying to get sunfish out of an inner tube. He also liked the wind on the speedboat. He is a good swimmer when we put him in the water but he wasn't quite ready to jump off the dock himself yet. He weighed 13 pounds at his 12 week appointment. I think he is going to be on the smaller side. He seems like he is growing faster now and is really starting to stretch out. We'll have to see how much he is at 16 weeks. We just want you to know how much we love him. He has been a great addition to the family. I'll send over a few more pictures of his summer adventures.Take care, Julie, Kreg, Audra, Kurtis and Olivia " 4 Months~

"Hi there! Wally has gotten a lot bigger and faster! He weighs 17 pounds now. He loves to find things to take and run around with (wanting us to chase him). He is a lot of fun! He's learning not to bite so much and is pretty much house trained. He LOVES his food and treats and is very motivated to learn things if he is getting fed. He is very sweet with other dogs and has many friends in the neighborhood. We get so many compliments on how beautiful he is and how mellow he is for a puppy. On the funnier side, if we leave him outside alone too long he will dig holes in our landscaping. NO NO! He also is a great hunter- chasing moths, butterflies and toads. He just starting noticing the birds out our window the other day and also went crazy when he saw deer in the backyard. It's fun to watch him learn and grow. Thank-you so much for our sweet puppy! Julie, Kreg, Audra, Kurtis and Olivia"

"July 30,2011 Hi Bill and Audrey! Wally is wonderful!!!! We love him so much. He has grown into such a mature young guy. He is a little on the small side, only 31 pounds, but we love that. We just got back from a month long RV trip to the Black Hills, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Colorado. He did fantastic. He looked right at home running through the prairie fields of South Dakota. Chasing birds is his favorite thing to do. If there are no birds around he will resort to chasing dragonflies and other bugs. It's so funny. He has been a great addition to our family!! Here he is ~ Captain Wally of the RV! ;^) Julie"

Willow: April 30, 2010 Litter

"Nov 19th, 2010 Hi Bill & Audrey, We are the proud owners of Willow from Fancy & Captain's April 30th litter. She is doing good and fits very well in our family. She loves the outdoors!! She even got out into the field this Fall when we pheasant hunted. Here is the latest picture. Just wanted to let you know - she is a sweetie! Karels family, Winsted, MN"

Bear (Freddie): March 19, 2007 Litter
Trinity: Laura's February 23, 2010 Litter

"Here is (Freddie)Bear with his family-Birr's of Green Bay WI - It is a pleasure to have a big sweet Bear with such a nice family as the Birr's, we even received a Thank You from Cody; their oldest child. You are Welcome Birr's."

"Hi Bill & Audrey, As for Bear, he is doing great! He is BIG! He & Remington have grown to be such good playmates & are really good for one another. I sent along a picture takien during pheasant season. BJ tried to get them both out as much as he could and I think it worked very good to have Remington there to show him the ropes!! Take care & sending all our love, The Birr's- taken Late Fall of 07"

4/19/10 "Hi Bill & Audrey,I just thought I'd send a few pictures of Trinity and Bear. I can't believe how much she has grown already in just two weeks! She is one smart little girl, that's for sure! She loves it outside and she loves to explore!! She and Bear get along so nice & it's just fun to watch them interact. Bear has even shared his big bone with her already(did you see it in his's bigger than Trinity! Take care & talk soon.Love from all of us! Tricia"

July 2010 "Hi again, We finally made it up north this weekend for the first time this summer. Trinity seemed to like the water. She never jumped in, but had fun playing in it from the shore. I got a few pictures of Bear & Trinity and thought I'd send them along right away! I sure hope all is well with both of you. Much love! The Birr's"

Gracie: April 20, 2008 Litter

"Hi! Thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Gracie (Flirt) . I have attached a picture of Gracie (Flirt) that my husband, Tony, took. She is already 4 months old! She is doing really well. She has such a sweet disposition. This afternoon, I am taking her to the Dog Park so she can really run around! Potty training was put back a little when she got a urinary tract infection a month ago, but she is back on track now. She and Hailey, our cockapoo, are the best of buddies. (2nd picture) She is almost 8 months old now and weighs about 35 pounds. She is a sweetheart—loves everyone. She loves to sit on laps, puts one paw on each shoulder, backs away, cocks her head, and stares at you! Funny story—today I took her out on her leash. We just got out the front door, and she barks and acts “spooked.” We have a circular driveway with a huge planted area in the middle. This morning, my husband, Tony, put a pretty rock (about one foot in diameter) he had found in the planted area. This rock was NOT visible to Gracie, but she sensed it! When we got to the side of the planted area, where we could see the rock, sure enough—that is what spooked her! Unbelievable how she can sense a change in anything!" Judy in NC

"4 03 09-Hi Audrey, Gracie is 1 yr old. Gracie thinks I brought this Cocker puppy home just for her! She just loves him. She will miss him when he needs to leave. My daughter said I will have to bring Gracie with me when I visit her in Alpharetta, Ga, so that she can see her buddy again! All your puppies are sold already! It is a beautiful looking litter! I hope you are not experiencing problems with flooding. We have had a lot of rain lately, but it is so welcome because we have been in an extreme drought for 2 years. Regards, Judy"

"Gracie is very loving and is very smart. She follows me everywhere and is nosy about everything. She is a “talker”—the first real talking dog we have ever had. She will look at me, bark and cock her head. She is trying so hard to tell me things! Now that spring is almost here, I will be enrolling her in a manners class.""3 21 10Hi Audrey,I was just on your website, and I still cannot get over the beauty and quality of the Springers that you breed. Have you seen Oprah's two new Springer puppies?? They do not measure up to yours! Our Gracie will be 2 years old on April 20th. She is a WONDERFUL dog! She keeps the deer away from our house. She is great with our Grandchildren and other dogs, and she is just so sweet and loving. I am looking forward to Fancy's new litter in May!Regards,Judy"

Maxie (Fudge): March 19, 2007 Litter

"Hello Bill and Audrey, We just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Maxie taken shortly after her first birthday! It is so hard to believe that she is already 1! She is so beautiful J She loves to be outside, especially when it is raining. We are going to try to take her out to Matt’s parents, they have a pond behind their house, and see how she reacts to the water. She is so lovable to. She loves to snuggle. The boys love to hug her and give her smooches. She is very spoiled and we absolutely love her!!! The Jordans" 12 20 09 "Bill and Audrey, We wanted to wish you both a very Merry Christmas! We took this picture of Maxie by the tree a few days ago. She wasn’t exactly thrilled but she was very patient. She is such a sweetheart, and we are thankful everyday for having her in our lives. The boys absolutely love her to death. Happy Holidays,The Jordan’s, Matt, Holly, Sam, Ben and Maxie"

Sailor (Pretty Boy): April 20, 2008 Litter

'He seems like he is our little brother', quote from Matt. "Sailor is such a great family dog, he has the nicest temperament. He turns sidewase when you call him and wiggles so darn cute. He melts our hearts with his big brown eyes, He is such a DOLL!" Lori, Mike, Matt and Brandon

Cooper (Fable): April 20, 2008 Litter

"Audrey and Bill, Cooper-She is totally housebroken.....and has learned traits (good and bad) from both our Viszla and the cats! She actually came into the house the other day with a mouse in her of the cats had brought it home and delivered it to her. We had to do some quick reversing of all of that! She goes out at night before I go to bed and then immediately heads into her kennel/bed -- with the door open now that she is older. Cooper immediately took our hearts! She is the perfect addition to our family, including humans and other animals. I got up this morning at 2:30 am because I could not sleep and went into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea. I soon looked over at the rug that is there for dogs, and saw Cooper! She had heard me get up and followed me..... She reminds me SO MUCH of the darling liver/white springer spaniel that Larry had when we met. She became my constant companion when I was in the catering business and many a day started in the kitchen at 5:00 am with springer spaniel at my side always. She became somewhat deaf but could feel me get up on the wood floors..... Larry reminded me of this today.....a great trait of being that perfect companion, as Cooper seems to be following in those footsteps. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! For allowing us to bring Cooper into our household. We love her dearly, and promise you that she will always be loved, cared for and treated with the upmost of respect. I must say that I have had dogs/cats all of my life, and Cooper is the most amazing dog ever.....I love her so much. She is just so easy.....Merry Christmas.....from your Carmel puppy! Michelle, Larry and Cooper."

Sky: April 20, 2008 Litter

"Hello Bill & Audrey, Just wanted touch base with you on our puppy we puchased from you in July. His name is Bear. Just wanted to send you some 6 month old pictures of him we are enjoying him so much!!! As you can see by some of the pictures the two dogs are inseperable. Thanks so much, Tom & Sandi Swan"

"Just giving you updated pictures and video of Bear (Sky). We just love him to death he has been such a great puppy. We had our family vacation last week(camping for 9 days) and we had to decide whether to take him with us or leave him with friends. Him being so young we thought we should take him with. He was great! He went boating with us, swimming, fishing and he loved it! We couldn't have asked for a better behaved puppy. We were so glad we took him. Just wanted to give you an update and let you know he is being loved and SPOILED!!!! Sandi Swan"

Ellie (Fanny): March 19, 2007 Litter

"Bill and Audrey, I just wanted to take this time at Christmas to thank you for our "Ellie". She has been just a joy to have around the house. She has been a good puppy and house trained pretty easy. She seems to find something that she's not supposed to have laying around and we RUN! She has it all figured out that it's more of a challenge for us to get it back when she goes around our dining room table! She has struggled with some allergies- but she is doing much better on SDiet venison and potato. She has grown so much it's unreal and her coloring just keeps getting prettier! She is one beautiful dog!! Everyone that see's her just can't help but say,"she is just so pretty!" I'm afraid to admit ;) that we will be adding another Springer puppy to our family in a couple of years! The girls have enjoyed her so much, and miss her greatly when Dad takes her for the weekend hunting! She did pretty well this Fall, even though the birds were big for her, she did a great job flushing and found them right away. She did attend training at Pine Shadows in Brainerd in September. Ellie has grown to be about 40lbs and stands about 18' tall. Hope all is well with the two of you and keep raising those beautiful puppies! We would like to bring Ellie back to see you guys and see if her Mom Fancy would remember her! Larson's"

Madie (Faye): March 19, 2007 Litter

"We named our little springer, Madison Faye "Madie". She is such a doll. Quite the little lover. Madie stands at 17inches. She will not be a large Springer. She has been to puppy class and good manners class. We will get her to do Therapy work and she loved agility. Potty training was a breeze but when you are used to an older dog, Kadie(14yr Springer) who had a leaking faucet, it was easy. We had our neighbor girl, who is in 6th grade, come let her out during the summer. That really helped and she just loves her. Madie gets out and runs over to her house and barks. She jumps in the garden and eats cucumbers, tomatoes. I think she takes after her mother Fancy, she also barks when something is out of place. We walk and they put up a barricade at the park and she had a fit. Travels well too. She enjoyed camping. She is a perfect addition to our family. She has been the best puppy anyone in our family has ever seen! Even Grandma who is not a dog fan, just loves her to bits! Thanks, Julie"

Daisy (Flower) & Jack (Jr.): March 19, 2007 Litter

"Jack and Daisy are doing great. You are correct, they have really grown. Jack is close to 40 lbs. He is going to be a big boy. Daisy is in the low 30 lbs. They are going to dog obedience training. I think that we are all learning. Here are two pictures at 5 months of age.They both have lots of energy. They have brought much joy and happiness into our lives." Robin & Jim Henrickson



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