Beauty's Puppies Owner Comments

We love to get comments and pictures from owners who have received our puppies! Send us any pictures and stories of your puppy in its new home. You can email them to:

Chase: May 16, 2009 Litter
Brodie: November 4, 2009 Litter

"Christmas 2011 - Brodie and Chase just had their new haircuts for Christmas, so I wanted you to see them! They are doing great. Brodie continues to want to be in your lap or laying at least three quarters of himself on Chase. Chase is as always his wonderful self! Beth & Gerry"

"Hi Audrey....I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Chase, at 11 weeks. He has almost doubled in size. He is such a good dog! He's already house-broken, knows how to sit, and almost stay. He is learning how to retrieve, although "dropping" is another story. He has been sleeping through the night when he can join us on the bed! I think he's going to be the spitting image of Captain! Thanks for a great puppy, and I'll send you some more pics in the future. Beth Hinckley" "

10 12 09- Hi Audrey and Bill,I just snapped this photo, the other day, and thought I'd send it on to show you how much Chase has grown! He continues to delight us with his loveable personality. His latest "trick" is TALKING. He combines growls, yips and quiet barks to converse with us. It's a "hoot"!I can't wait to see pics of the new puppies! Beth Hinckley"

12 15 09-"Here's Chase - looking for his brother, Brodie, under the Christmas tree!!" Beth

12 28 09"Hi Audrey,Brodie was an angel during the long ride home. He slept most of the way, and was good when he was awake. He's definitely a snow lover! He rolls in it, climbs the snowbanks and eats chunks of ice. Chase loves him, but doesn't want to leave him alone, so Brodie has been glad to have his crate to climb into, to get away. Here's a pic of them this morning, sharing bones by the Christmas tree.

12 30 09 Hi Audrey,Brodie is doing great! He is one smart cookie. On the second day he was here, he stood at the patio door, and barked to go out. Went right out and did his business. I thought it was just a fluke, or coincidence, but today he did the same thing. There has NOT been ONE accident in the house. Gotta love that! When he gets tired, he gets whiney, so we put him in his crate, and he goes right to sleep. He gets along well with Chase, and Chase is finally figuring out how to tell Brodie who the boss is. They will lay on the floor, half fighting, barking and talking to each other. He definitely thinks that all the toys, bones and food are his, and will snatch whatever Chase has, although I swear Chase is really just teasing him with them! Today, I went to the treat cabinet, and asked Chase if he wanted a treat. Well, he always sits right down and waits for his reward, so Brodie went right next to Chase, sat down and looked up at me, as if saying, "I'm ready too!" All this from a pup that's just 8 weeks old. I'm thinking that by next month Brodie will be sending you his own update. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for a great little pup,Beth" 03~07~2010" Brodie is getting so big at 4mths, but he still loves to lay on top of Chase! I imagine he's over 30lb's now. He's stockier than Chase, but will probably be about the same height. He is definitely settling down, but much more stubborn than Chase ever was. He is much more vocal then Chase too. When I ask him if he's hungry, he woofs and howls and does this little dance, with a "spin.". He definitely LOVES his food.""4 12 10 Hi Audrey,Brodie is now 40 lbs! He's 7 lbs behind Chase, but closing fast. I measured them both today, and best I can tell Chase is 20 inches tall, and Brodie 18. And yes, Brodie is settling down. He is still stubborn, but oh so loveable! We joke that he has the fastest tongue this side of the Mississippi. He's still very attached to Chase, and rarely lets him get too far away. Happy Spring, Beth""10/12/10 "The vet commented on both of them last week. We had to take Chase in because he sratched his eye.....anyway, we brought Brodie, to see how much he weighed....The vet said they were both beautiful. Said they were at a perfect weight, for their height. Chase is 50lbs,Brodie 55lbs! Everywhere we go with them, they get so much attention because they are such stunning dogs......Beth"

02/12/11 "Hi Audrey, Steph took this picture today. A very typical Chase/Brodie pose. They are both doing great! I see you are getting ready for a new litter. Hope all is well with you and Bill. Beth"

Gracie (Beulah): December 10, 2006 Litter

"We are so enjoying young Gracie. She is a delight -- fun, sweet, smart, composed except for her manic adolescent moments, and a constant source of aggravation and pleasure to Malcolm(6 yr old dog). I'm not sure if she's aging him or keeping him young. I don't think they(her photo's)do her justice -- she's at her most beautiful when active and playing. I'll keep trying. Thanks, Lucia"

12-26-10 "Hi Lundys, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year! Attached is a photo of Gracie at the end of summer. It was a beautiful, still, early morning along the Maine coast! We love her!! All the best, Lucia"

Roxy (Buttercup): December 10, 2006 Litter

"She is absolutely gorgeous. Many times people have stopped me to tell me so. She is a great dog with lots of personality and a great disposition. She loves to play frizbee and is very good at it. I am amazed at her speed, coordination and focus. She will walk around the house with the frizbee in her mouth bumping it into our legs when she is ready to play. She is a quick learner and has learned a number of fun tricks we can show to our friends. The kids love showing her tricks off. Her second most fun thing to do is to chase the many squirrels in our yard. We mention the word "squirrel" to her, her ears pop up and off to the door. We will let her out and immediately she bolts to the tree next to the birdhouse. It is great.It has kept the squirrels away from our bird feeder. I think the rabbits and deer are keeping heir distance also. My hostas actually were able to grow this year.

We have really enjoyed having her. She loves people and wants to greet everyone with a big wet kiss. She especially loves her family and is never too far from the family activities. How true that Roxy is a "Velcro" dog. I love her company. Cara Gibson Suwanee GA""Hello Bill & Audrey,Just wanted to send a special Merry Christmas your way. May the Lord fill your hearts with joy this season.The Gibsons"

Reagan (Brin): May 16, 2009 Litter

"The first pic is our little darling at 8 wks and 13 wks old. Then Brodie got to go Trick or Treating with an outfit to match Reagan!! Now here are a few photos to show you his size, stack and markings. He HATES to stand still!!!! As you can see, he is 20" at the shoulder. Holding steady at 54 pounds. We will be having him neutered soon, but we do hope he always squats to tinkle. He has taken to snuggling with us in our bed at night and is an absolute, positive DOLL!!!! Isn't his new haircut gorgeous!!! Lyn"

Lacy: December 3, 2008 Litter

"Hello again!!! I hope you can have a little quiet time before the new babies come along. Lacy is surrounded by so much attention. All 3 of my kids, but especially Sarah -waited a long time for this little girl!! She has only a handful of accidents in the house (some of which Dave was watching a movie and not Lacy haha) She is such a good girl! I will update you again as she gets bigger and with some photos. She already looks bigger to me! I sent you a photo of each of the kids with her..and of course her big stuffed dog!! Thanks Sue'

12 10 09"Hello!!We just had a 1st Birthday for Lacy and she is just a doll!! She went hunting for the first time and did wonderful. Dave brought her to the game farm to get the slow, hands on, experience. She is a natural and loves to have that nose to the ground always!!! We have a collection of photos that we will send to you this weekend...words cannot tell you just how amazing she is!!!! Sarah has seen that Lacy has a new brother! He looks like Lacy did at that age! You would have him sold by now if anyone saw how Lacy looks at a year! Take care and watch for pics!Sue""

12 31 09 Happy New Years! I hope you recieved all the photos of our "Little Roo" (she has many nick-names). We should have named her Roo, as she talks all the time to us and "Rooooooo" is all we hear!! As you can see by the photos..she does not lack in attention and has a variety of activity. She loves the boat and as you can see...she is the "Captain" and swims non stop!!! She always has to have something in her mouth. She is a clown and the sun glasses photo is totally her personality!!! She adores the kids and we couldn't have asked for a better family pet!!! Everyone that meets her, wants her!!! All I can tell you about our pup is "Amazing"!!!! Have a great New Year! The Koalska Family

Briar: February 5, 2008 Litter

"Hi Audrey and Bill, I have attached a couple of pictures of Briar from the last 1 ½ years. He is quite the spoiled little guy. We just moved from a townhouse to a house with a great back yard and he is loving life. He gets to go to the off-leash dog park and on bike rides with us all the time. We love him so much and are thinking it might be time to find him a little sister! Thanks! Tara & Joe" 11 11 09 He is now 1.75 yrs old. So sorry to hear that Beauty has had some trouble and hope she is doing well. Here is our latest picture of Briar in his prisoner costume from Halloween. He was so proud!!Thanks again,Tara"

King: May 16, 2009 Litter

"Hi Audrey and Bill, My apologies for not updating you before now. I've been planning to take pics of Carmen and King together to send to you. But that task hasn't happened yet. We have been so busy introducing King to his new world. He is such a delightful addition to our family. He's won all our hearts! And he's had some great moments already, like going to the horse stable and pasture while Carmen was horseback riding, wrestling around with the 8 month old pup next door, and playing hide-n-seek here at home and at our neighborhood park/playground. The wife of one of Joe's friends is a dog trainer, training in agility and conformation. Tomorrow morning Carmen and I will be going to a dog show that she is showing her own dogs in. We are looking forward to seeing the English Springer Spaniels there. King can't go yet, but soon he will. I'll send pics soon. He has grown so much and so quickly become a part of our family. What was life like before him? Vivian Jerkins"

Brody: December 10, 2006 Litter

"Oh, this kid is smart... I have to skip steps in his training!!! Right now we are working on his pheasant hunting and are working on the whistle commands with the hand signals... and he knew the hand signals right off the bat. Some before I even taught him what they were, he just did them. For example, when I noticed he was just doing the commands right off the bat, I decided to see if he would teach me a command, so I made a fist and held it up, he laid down and dropped the bird dummy. Now that is the hand command for drop the bird/lay down, and it works every time. HA HA!! He is pointing out the dummy as well before the flush.. so this hunting season should be a fun time with Sir Brody in the field!!! Were also working on perfecting his leash training as due to his age... the call of all the rabbits and squirrels are tempting. And the one novelty trick we have been training him.. is to "sing pretty" (howl) during the IOWA fight song... its a work in progress... mostly due to that we cant keep a straight face and from laughing when he starts "singing"!!! Which that hinders the progress of the trick a little bit. But its quite cute, that's for sure!! :D -Matt"

"Hi Audrey, Greetings from the Bakers! Sir Brody is doing quite well. Unfortunately he was surprise attacked by the neighbors dog who got let out off leash, so now were working on correcting some anxiety issues that the experience caused. But he is doing well in his training to correct that, as he is an extremely smart lil guy! If fact he is the trainers favorite, and in his class last fall he was the top dog. This spring were doing a refresher training boot camp and then will get back to working on his field trial skills and will get him in some field trials this fall. Maja is also thinking about getting him into the obstacle course racing as he is an extremely quick pooch and just loves to run as fast as he can. I dont have the most recent pics loaded on the computer here at work or online yet, but here are a couple from a trip we took him on up to Duluth this past Jan. Besides snow, birds, mom and dad, the cat, and going to lakes or parks for walks, Brody loves to go for car rides and to go explore new places with us, so he had a blast up on the North shore in all the snow! Hope all is well! - Matt"

Rowdy (Rusty): February 5, 2008 Litter

"Hi - After we got our puppy home and got to know him a bit, we had to change his name. He is Rowdy - and it fits him. Though he is a rowdy boy, it's in a good way. He is a big lap dog and very smart. At a year old he weighs about 46 pounds. His coloring and coat are beautiful!! I remember that you posted some grown up pictures of pups you'd sold on your site. Thank you so much- Rowdy makes us very happy!"

Belle: December 3, 2008 Litter

"Hi Audrey, We are having lots of fun with Belle. You were right, she is very bright and doing well with training. Julie"

Bryley: February 5, 2008 Litter

"Hi Audrey and Bill, Sorry I'm not very good with the updates! Bryley is doing great - she's about 44 pounds and has a beautiful coat. She is of course a very spoiled girl, but also a fun companion. We haven't done as much walking this winter, but I hope to get back into that once the weather starts cooperating. I'm the one who doesn't want to be outside - she loves the snow and even the cold doesn't seem to bother her. I've attached a couple of recent photos I thought you might enjoy. The one with the goofy grin is because she has a quarter section of an orange rind in her mouth. She doesn't get much from the table, but tries to beg for anything I am eating. So I couldn't resist taking that photo - it kind of shows off her funny side. I have been visiting your web site just to see the new puppies! Hope you are both well and looking forward to spring as much as we are. Julie Balen"

Mickey (Baxter): February 5, 2008 Litter

"Mickey is just gorgeous! He's smart and sweet and so happy! We love him." Dan and Nancy Dill

Tennessee (Bette): December 10, 2006 Litter

"She is doing great, this dog can run. She has two labs on one side and a golden retriever on the other side of our property. She outruns the heck out of them. The only question is how far down can these dogs dig? We had her fixed at 4 months. She is very smart! She sits, lays down, stays with hand signals. When we take her for a walk she heels perfectly. If we leave the house she will jump up and turn the dead bold lock and we are locked out of the house. She is a fun dog! She also fetch's balls and Frisbee's. Al Tubandt"

Lucy (Buttons): December 10, 2006 Litter

"We have renamed "Buttons" to be our Lucy. She has been a quick little learner who is growing up really fast. She started obedience training at 13 weeks and earned 1st place in the basic obedience class with 7 other dogs (who were older than her)! She has been improving her off leash obedience learning and does an excellent job. She loves water and walks, belly rubs and boats, but mostly she loves people and FOOD! She has managed to nab many carefully guarded sandwiches over the summer, never when an adult is around though -she is too smart for that. She has really become a perfect fit for our family. Sure keeps the kids on their toes and they sure enjoy her." The Fox Family

Winchester (Splash): February 11, 2006 Litter

Windchester (Splash) lives in Marshall, MN with the Zerr's.

Jake (Rocky): February 11, 2006 Litter

Jake(Rocky) is in West Point, Nebaska with the Wordekempers.

Lucky: February 11, 2006 Litter

Thought we'd send you some updated pictures of Junior (aka - Lucky) since its almost his 1 year old birthday. He has become such a pretty dog (our groomer says he is one of the most beautiful springers she has seen). His coat is still so soft and he is a snuggler - but goes crazy over all the squirrels out in our trees in the back yard!! As you can see in one of the pictures - he seems to have some "cat" in him as he loves to lay on the top of the couch :-). He is a great dog and very smart too - we feel pretty lucky to have him. The Ratajczak's



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